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Currently, Trulia lists 82 resale and new homes in Ridley Park which includes 45 homes in pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages foreclosure. The average listing price for homes for sale in Ridley Park PA was $189,556 for the week ending Jul 29, which represents a decrease of 1.1%, or $2,094, compared to the prior week and a decline of 2.8%, or $5,444, compared to the week ending Jul 08.

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Comment by tim devabey on August 18, 2018 at 1:12pm

August 18, 2018...Just looking through the RPOL "archives."  Found this interesting article on RP property values.  Do you know Delco is currently re-assessing all of the properties in Delaware County, and the project is costing "5 or 6 Million Dollars?"  Do you think your school district tax which is based on the "value" of your home will go up or down?  If the property assessments have been trending downward, how will the County ante-up the "5 or 6 Million Dollar" cost for the re-assessment? Tax increase much?

Comment by tim devabey on August 23, 2015 at 11:46am

@RPOL Readers:

Please review the following,


Everything you need to know about Pennsylvania's property tax problem
and the Property Tax Independence Act solution can now be found in this YouTube video.


Please take a few minutes to watch this informative video about school property tax
elimination and replacement, then share it with every Pennsylvania homeowner in your address book.


DO NOT settle for more fake relief! The Property Tax Independence Act is the ONLY solution to the problem of relentlessly rising school property taxes.


Comment by tim devabey on August 17, 2015 at 10:34pm

@Dona Marie,  Many residents faithfully pay mortgages and don't realize the amount of school district property taxes they are paying.  If they live long enough to make their final payment, they realize the school district "second mortgage" never goes away--just keeps getting bigger.

It is too bad people that have made a long term contribution to Ridley Park are being forced to make a tough decision.  Please join or form a Tax Reform Group and pester our Legislators!

Or why relocate in Pennsylvania at all??  Do what former Ridley School Board Superintendent Dr. Ignatuak and his wife who was also on the Ridley School Payroll did:  they took their Ridley School District funded retirement pensions and MOVED OUT OF PENNSYLVANIA!  I think they went to West Virginia:  another State that DOESN'T FUND public schools by means of TAX ON PRIVATE RESIDENCE!

I too am a product of parochial school, never spent a day in a Ridley District School, but continue to pay for Ridley Taj Mahal.   

Comment by Dona Marie Fabrizio on August 17, 2015 at 3:07pm

I have lived in Ridley Park since 1980 and my school taxes have more than doubled ..My taxes in RP are are equivalent to a mortgage payment. I am in my 60's and will be looking to move to an area where taxes are cheaper like Broomall. My brother has a gorgeous single home and all of his taxes total $3200 I am close to $8000 .. My children went to Catholic school so I never even got the benefits of the Ridley public schools ..now as a senior I am paying a ridiculous amount. RP will begin to lose its native residents because of its taxes and that is a shame .. and NO ONE seems to give a darn and no is addressing this issue.

Comment by tim devabey on August 10, 2015 at 3:04pm

@ken,  That is why 86 citizens tax reform groups in PA have supported House Bill 76 and Senate Bill 76--to provide funding for public schools by other means than tax on private homes.  Almost all other States in the USA don't fund education through taxes on private residences.  Why won't our legislators wake up and do the right thing? 

PS:  I am afraid Governor Wolf is turning out to be a snake oil salesman.  His stubborn budget proposal is NOT consistent with the recommendations of proposed HB/SB 76.

Comment by Kenneth Harper on August 10, 2015 at 2:43pm

@Tim, I agree with you, the funding of PA schools on the backs of property owners has become a real burden for a lot of people in Delaware county. Our school taxes have gone up a lot in the last 10 years to fund our schools. A lot of the cost is for teacher's pensions.  I would rather pay a little more in state income tax than the property taxes.

Comment by tim devabey on August 10, 2015 at 1:14pm

@RPOL reader,  How much have your School District property taxes increased this year?  In the previous ten years, Ridley School District taxes have increased virtually 100%--that means they have doubled!

How much equity has been robbed from the home you own by cross-filers on the Ridley School Board?  What has become of HB and SB 76, co sponsored by Nick Miccarelli?--and the promise of relief for overburdened property tax payers?   I think tax relief is even more important than "legalizing medical marijuana!"

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