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Does it matter how I vote? I think so!


If you want to completely eliminate school property taxes then you are urged to vote for the PRO 76 Candidates indicated below. Take notice none of the candidates have political party labels. That's because…


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Is Your School District Hoarding Cash?

Does your School District maintain a "slush fund" in addition to operating expenses?


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As I recall, a few years ago Borough Council revised Codes and hired a Code Enforcement team so that, as President Berger stated "now we can move on these properties." This meant the Borough has capability to correct "code violations" involving private properties, and Berger intended to make it happen.  That was then; this is now...

Check out the accompanying photo.  This is the first thing one sees as one enters the Borough on Swarthmore Ave.

How many "Code Violations"…


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February 6, 2017


At a Public Meeting of the Shade Tree Commission (STC), Chairman John Hosbach asked me if I had "bashed the Shade Tree Commission on Ridley Park Online (RPOL)."  John had been prompted by another member of the Commission to ask me that question because that is how he/she interprets some comments I posted on RPOL. 

Since I was challenged in a Public Forum, I will respond in this Public Forum.  I will also reply directly to Chairman…


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Shade Tree Commission of Ridley Park Attendance Report for 2016

Shade Tree Commission of Ridley Park

Attendance Report

for the Year 2016


Attendance of the five "official" Commission Members at the 12 scheduled public meetings of the STC is as follows:


Chairman, John Hosbach--

Present:                   Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sept, Dec

Absent:                   May, Aug, Oct, Nov


Secretary, Krista…


Added by tim devabey on December 20, 2016 at 11:55am — 4 Comments

Open Letter to Borough Council

Good Government hinges on good communication.  In the best interest of full disclosure, I submit for public scrutiny the following open letter which has been sent to RP Borough Council.

Dear Borough Councilors:

The following was posed back in February.  Please review with Solicitor Angelos.

At the February Council Workshop President Berger Moved to affirm reappointments to all Borough Boards and Commissions. In the…

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Stately, Historic White Pine Tree Defaced in Public Park

Where:  In Public Park aka Recreation Park, near intersection of Barker and Kenney Streets

When:  Wednesday April 6, 2016

What:  see accompanying photos taken April10, 2016


How did it happen?  Who "approved" it?  Where was the Shade Tree Commission Chairperson?  Where was the Borough Councilor Liaison to the Shade Tree Commission?  Where was the Borough Parks and Property Councilor?  Where were the Code Enforcer? Borough Police? Borough…


Added by tim devabey on April 10, 2016 at 11:24pm — 9 Comments

RP Election: Candidates for Borough Council

RP Council President has often spoken of our Council as being "Bipartisan," meaning in this context that two Political Parties are represented on the present Council--Republican and Democrat.


I would like to see a true NON PARTISAN evaluation of Candidates based on individual qualifications, experience, and commitment to principles over "Party." 


That is the purpose of this blog.


For example, it is fine for a person to dislike "social media,"…


Added by tim devabey on October 2, 2015 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

Who Cares About RP Lake? A Call to Action

Protect the Buffers That Protect Us All



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INVEST 530,000 to SAVE 294 ?

Any good design, like any good planning decision for the real world, must include cost-benefit considerations. 


Several years ago the RP Shade Tree Commission submitted to RP Borough Council a plan to plant a double row of trees--an allee--from the foot bridge at Ridley Park Lake, across "the island," straight up the slope along the fence to Glenloch Road.  At the time, Council told the STC to hold off until after construction of the new pathway they had planned, and then…


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October 26, 2014


School Property Tax Independence Act

Pennsylvania HB-76

Pennsylvania SB-76

"No Tax Should Have the Power to Leave You Homeless"



86 Citizens' Groups throughout Pennsylvania are working to have Legislation passed which will end forever the burden of private property taxed for School District funding.  


I attended a…


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What is the Borough spraying on us?

Wednesday night, June 4, 10:45 pm, a truck drove around the neighborhood of Recreation Park, Barker Street, Thayer, Park Street and Tasker, spraying something into the air.  A light rain was falling with more heavy rain predicted overnight.


WHERE will they continue the spraying? 

WHEN will more spraying take place? 

WHAT are the health/safety risks to us as a result of exposure to unknown chemicals? 

Can we…


Added by tim devabey on June 5, 2014 at 10:28am — 19 Comments

Window of Opportunity about to Close: Comprehensive Plan Most Important Document to Planning Future of RP

Review the Comprehensive Plan and forward your comments to Delco planning department by the end of May (this week).…


Added by tim devabey on May 27, 2014 at 8:51pm — 18 Comments

RP Borough Council Adopts New Jersey State Highway Department Standards for Sidewalk Repairs in Ridley Park!

Wow!  In a split decision after voting down a motion to postpone the vote, Borough Council members voted to amend the existing “Streets and Sidewalks” ordinance to require that any present sidewalk…shall confirm (sic) to the…


Added by tim devabey on May 22, 2014 at 3:15pm — 3 Comments

RP COMPREHENSIVE PLAN 2014—In Recognition of Trees

To:  Delaware County Planning Department

Sam Haber, Principal Planner / Project Manager



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Connecting Dots…Searching For A Clear Picture of Ridley Park

Ridley Park Borough STATUS REPORT

Providing our residents with the details they are looking for on the projects they care about…


Added by tim devabey on March 16, 2014 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

Public Discourse vs Gag Rule, Ridley Park's Comprehensive Plan and Sellers Avenue Bridge

RP Borough Comprehensive Plan Revision and Sellers Avenue Bridge Update - Public Discourse vs Gag Rule.  

At the February Council meeting President Berger once again resorted to Gag Rule tactics to silence public comment.  Since Mr. Berger had in self-defense previously declared preposterous the mere suggestion that he would apply a gag rule during a public meeting, one might readily conclude the actions of Mr. Berger himself to be preposterous.  So be it.




Added by tim devabey on February 28, 2014 at 11:00am — 3 Comments

Planning Commission Meeting Tonight, Wed Feb 26--Ask About Rp Comprehensive Plan Changes

I see on the left side of RPOL main page that a PLANNING COMMISSION meeting is scheduled for 7 pm TODAY. 

Better attend and see what is going on with the RP COMPREHENSIVE PLAN REVISION. 

Wouldn't want another BILLBOARD FIASCO to be SNEAKED IN...and catch us UNAWARES...ask Rip Van Winkle about it...  

Added by tim devabey on February 26, 2014 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

The Great Billboard Apologist

Tom park, Get a grip man!  Previously you said you would hold off your judgment about the billboard till we hear from the Judge because you were not fully informed; then you go off on speculation clouding up the issue with make-believe…


Comment by Tom…


Added by tim devabey on February 5, 2014 at 9:30pm — 3 Comments

Some Thoughts on School District Taxation of Primary Residences in PA

News You Can Use*



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