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Ridley Park Air Quality Monitoring

We’re attuned to hearing stories about polluted water, land, and air when someone sounds the alarm about visible pollution we can see with our naked eyes. Like smog, an oil spill, or smoke from a fire when we see it we know it there.   For others, it's more dramatic and visual pollution isn't always needed for a harmful to health reaction. Insidious pollutants and unseen…


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Wanted Again: Ridley Park Borough Manager...again, again

Not too long ago Ridley Park Borough was looking for another Borough Manager - once again the Borough is in the business of looking for another Borough Manager.

After a few short months the current Borough Manager, Kevin Tobias added his name to a growing list of Ex-Borough Managers of Ridley Park.

In his resignation letter to Borough Council,…


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Bagged Recycle Material no longer accepted in Ridley Park Borough

Ridley Park Borough residents are no longer able to have bagged recycle material picked up at the curbside.  Recycle materials instead must be placed into recycle cans, recycle bins, or clearly marked recycle-trash cans free of debris, rubbish and trash.

The Borough's recycle hauler, B & L Disposal Services, 411 W Oak Ln, Glenolden, PA 19036, 484.326.9774,…


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Dedicated Ridley Park Weather Station

I installed a professional weather station to monitor the weather conditions at my home in Ridley Park and to broadcast my data...it's nothing new to want to freely share weather data.  

For 100's of years fans of weather have stepped out their back door and made observations on the weather around them, used instruments, and made their observations know…


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2016 Primary Election Results

Unofficial Delaware County, Pennsylvania

General Primary 2016

Results for Ridley Park Borough

Machines Reported  :  8 of 8

Results are posted as received from machine totals only

Results do not include Absentee, Provisional, or Remote…

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Changing Tactics for Use and Occupancy Certificates

Hearing that early 4,300 Realtors® delivered a definitive message to every member of the PA House that a ‘yes’ vote on House Bill 1437 by Rep. Jamie Santora (R-Delaware Co.) is what Pennsylvanian's wanted, the amendment passed 194-0 on Wednesday and has a third consideration after primary election day. 

HB 1437more clearly defines “unfit for habitation” to provide better guidance to local code enforcement officials who are conducting resale use and occupancy inspections. Many…


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Winter Storm Watch, 4-8" New Snow on Feb 8-9, 2016

The National Weather Service in Mt Holly NJ has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Ridley Park in effect from late tonight (February 8, 2016) through late Tuesday night, February 9.  A winter storm watch means there is a potential for…


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Record Snow Fall from Winter Storm Jonas

Record daily maximum snowfall record set at Philadelphia International Airport near Ridley Park

A total of 19.4 inches of snow fell at the Philadelphia International Airport on Saturday, establishing a new record for the date. The previous record daily maximum snowfall for January 23 was 11.9 inches set in 1935.

It was the 5th greatest calendar day snowfall at Philadelphia with the top spot being held by the 27.6 inches of snow that fell on January 7,…


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Franklin Mint Credit Union offers branch inside Ridley High School

A student branch of the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union is in the works at Ridley High School. School principal Dr. Kenneth Acker, submitted a request to the School Board in January meeting for the branch bank. The branch will run a student-operated Financial Literacy Center inside the high school under the supervision of Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union (FMFCU) employees.

The student-operated Financial Literacy Center will be available only to folks who normally have access to… Continue

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Borough Letter Solicits Services

We received a letter in the mail yesterday from who appeared to the Borough of Ridley Park. The envelope and the letterhead say "Borough of Ridley Park," and the letter inside is signed by Ridley Park Mayor Hank Eberle.

What shocked me is this letter is a solicitation for services from the "Services Line Warranties of America."  I'm writing to ask if any other Ridley Park resident thinks it's a bit strange for the Mayor's endorsement on Borough Letterhead for outside services…


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September 11, A Day of National Hugging

It's 9/11 today and I know exactly where I was this time 14 years ago, who was with me, and exactly what I was doing. I remember my wife Debbie phoning me from work and telling me to turn on the TV. I'll never forget what I saw on live on television that day.  I'm also old enough to have the same memories of JFK's assassination.

If anyone knew of the unfolding's on 9/11/2001, I imagine they would have planned more for their absence, hugged and kissed their kids and family…


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Good Riddance Mark Bascelli has left Ridley Park

Borough Council approved Mark Bascelli's buy-out retirement package this month and thankfully Ridley Park will no longer suffer with Mr Bascelli at Ridley Park Police Department, just as RPOL members no longer suffer with "Tom Park."

Bascelli's time at…


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2015 Ridley Park Borough Elections

The Election Board in Media has the following candidates listed for the Ridley Park 2015 Election. Republicans for the office of Borough Council: Jim Glenn, Paul Mattus, and Holly O'Mahoney.  Democrats for the office of Borough Council are Jared Brennan, Mike Gale, Maripat King,

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Fios turns off The Weather Channel and Weather Scan

Subscribers to Verizon FiOS® in Ridley Park can say siaranara (おやすみ) to The Weather Channel and Weather Scan. Verizon’s agreements to carry The Weather Channel and Weather Scan expired and they were not renewed. Good bye Jimbo

Today, Verizon launched the new AccuWeather Network, which is available on FiOS® TV on channel 119/619 (HD) and free the FiOS® Mobile App.  Verizon will also provide the FiOS TV "WeatherBug" on FiOS® TV channel 49  replacing Weather Scan. …


Added by Howard McCoy on March 10, 2015 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

Running for Office in Ridley Park, dates to remember

"What comes around, goes around" applies to Ridley Park's would-be politicians this month as candidates for Ridley Park's Borough Council seats make their way to the faithful for signatures on their nomination petitions.  February 17 was the first day to circulate and file nomination petitions before March 10.  Each candidate is required to have a minimum or 10 "valid signatures." Artists in the trade tell me each candidate aims for 30 because protests over signatures in Ridley Park's are…


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Joshua Powley becomes Ridley Park's 11th Full Time Police Officer

Ridley Park welcomes our new Police Officer Joshua Powley.  Officer Powley became full-time at the February 17, 2015 Borough Council Meeting.  With the addition of Officer Powley, Ridley Park has 11 full-time officers and three part-time officers.  The full story is reported by …


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Ridley Park's Outdoor Public Toilet

"Holy frozen big-ones Batman, someone forgot to take the public toilet out of Recreation Field for the winter." 

And there it sits; bright and blue, and hidden under the lower branches of the tall evergreens only to be seen by the needy and those residents who love ABC Field.

Residents were told the outdoor station was to relieve athletes and…


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Sept Council highlights: Herbicides, Speeders and an attempted abduction

Collier Circle resident Michael Gale spoke before Council this month and suggested that residents be informed when the Highway Department applies herbicides in our parks so the chemicals can have a chance to to dry.

Mike Gale told Council and Barbara Ormsby of the …


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Free Fishing at the Ridley Park Lake

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2014 and Independence Day, Friday, July 4, 2014 fishing is free of charge at Ridley Lake on Pennsylvania's two "Fish for Free Days." On these two days, there's on license, no permits, and no experience necessary if you want to test you luck at hauling-in a big one.

On the rest of the 363 days a year, a current Pennsylvania…


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Winter Storm Janus outside my door

I am blogging about winter storm Janus happening outside my front door because there is little else going on to write about but the snow, the high winds, and the frigid cold temperatures. So far the storm has closed Ridley Schools, closed the Borough offices and moved the Borough Council meeting tonight to January 28 at 7PM.…


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