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Winter Storm Watch, January 26-27, 2015

The National Weather Service in Mt Holly New Jersey has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Ridley Park from Monday afternoon…


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School Board reaffirms "No Go" with REA talks

In a special meeting Wednesday morning, January 14, 2015 the Ridley School Board (RSB) voted again to reject the report and recommendations of a State appointed Fact Finder. The Ridley Education Association (REA) members have worked without a contract since June 30, 2014.

The Fact Finder's report says the RSB and REA have reached agreement on 16 issues but they're were unable to see eye to eye on three remaining points: teacher directed preparation time, wages and medical…


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School Board nixes Fact Finder's Report

Monday night the Ridley School Board (RSB) rejected a state-appointed Fact Finder's report in their long-going dispute with the Ridley Education Association (REA) over a contract.  The three main stalling points are: salary, health care, and teacher-directed prep time.

The chief negotiator for the district, told…


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Royal Farms on Stewart Ave - Move aside WaWa

Move aside Wawa - there's a new convenience store franchise opening up in your hometown space and they too serve fresh coffee, food on-the-go, cheap gas, and they have no ATM fees. Royal Farms of Baltimore Maryland is aiming to change the local's loyalty to WaWa over to their brand of hospitality, hot foods, cheap gas, and specialty fried chicken. 

The Maryland based chain has 160 stores in Delaware and Maryland and opens up it's first Philadelphia area store next week on…


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Ridley Park's Unofficial and Official 2015 Calendars

I've received my official copy of the "Unofficial Ridley Park Borough Calender" this week and I've been promised an official one would be mailed/delivered or sent to me by the Borough next week.

The Unofficial Ridley Park Calendar is the one I'm familiar with and the one I've received for years from…


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32 West Sellers Parking Lot Proposal - again

The proposed plan to build a private-use parking lot issue in the center of Ridley Park's Historical District is circling back around into Borough Hall and into the hands of the Zoning Board.  After DelCo's Common Pleas Court and PA's Commonwealth's Supreme Court denied Rose Tree Investors a zoning variance to build a parking lot on Sellers Avenue for use by Rose Tree's employees in their Medical Office on Chester Pike, the new plan it to simply amend Ridley Park's Zoning laws to allow…


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Ridley Park seeks Borough Manager

The Borough of Ridley Park is seeking applications for the position of Manager. The borough has a population of approx. 8,500 pp and is located in Southeastern Delaware County. The manager reports to the Mayor and seven members of Borough Council. Manages an annual budget of approx $6.3 million and directs a full time staff and Highway Dept. The position involves responsibility for a full range of municipal activities and services including budgeting, purchasing, grant writing, code…


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NO contract: Ridley School Board vs Ridley Education Association

The Dec 1st Ridley School Board meeting was marked by the continuing deadlock between the Ridley School Board and the Ridley Education Association (REA) over a new teachers' contract that's been due since last June. Barbara Ormsby files this story for the…


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RPPD nab two shooters with guns

Ridley Park Police apprehended two shooting suspects in the 600 block of East Chester Pike in Ridley Park yesterday just before 3PM.

Ten minutes after gun shots were reported in Sun Village in Chester, RPPD officers spotted the vehicle matching the description on Chester Pike and made the arrests. Guns were recovered from the suspect's vehicle.

For more details …


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No 2015 Tax increase, Volunteerism and The Lake overgrowth

According to the preliminary budget, Ridley Park residents should not expect a tax increase in 2015. Taxes will remain at 8.14 mills, or $814 per $100K of assessed home value. The final budget is yet to be confirmed.

Ridley Park Police have a 3.25% raise due from their contract, and other Borough employees have a 2% increase in store.

Council president Bob Berger appealed for volunteers to join the Planning Commission and the Telecommunications Committee. "Hopefully…


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Ridley Park's Borough Manager NO More

Ridley Park Borough Council has agreed on a separation of employment agreement with Borough Manager Dawn Human. Human's agreement relieves her of all Borough Manager duties and allows her to use sick time and vacation time due to her until December 31, 2014 when her employment with the Borough is terminated.

A copy of the signed agreement is available at Ridley Park Borough Hall.

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Ridley Park Votes Tom Wolf, Meehan, McGarrigle

Voting results with 100% of the votes counted for the November 2014

                                                   Ridley Park    County Wide


Republican  A1  Tom CORBETT         1,086         68,957

Democrat    B1  Tom WOLF               1,378        108,307


Representative in Congress 7th Dist  

Republican  A2  P. MEEHAN              1,543      …


Added by RidleyParkOnline on November 5, 2014 at 8:56am — 2 Comments

An End to Dangerous Chemical contacts at Ridley Park's Lake

Former Ridley Park Borough Council member Jeanne Frantz took present Council Member Jim Glenn to task over the absence of warning signs when human-dangerous herbicides are sprayed at The Lake to control invasive weeds along the shore line.

At the October 21st Council Meeting Frantz told Glenn that the public needs to be warned about…


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Ridley Park Fire Company - Answering the Call

The Ridley Park Fire Company (RPFD) protects more than 8000 residents and employees in Ridley Park Borough. Through mutual aid assignments, RPFD also provides fire suppression and rescue services to our…


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Taylor Hospice is Recruiting Volunteers

Taylor Hospice is recruiting volunteers who are interested in playing an active role in helping to provide comfort and support to our terminally ill patients and their families.

Volunteers may visit patients at their homes, in the community, in nursing facilities or at the Taylor Hospice Residence. Companionship, active listening, running small errands, baking cookies, reading, playing cards, watching TV or a movie or sharing other interests or hobbies are just a few of the…


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Canine without a Contract and DelCo SWAT Competition

For the second year, Delaware County’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) will participate in a challenge and training event, which is designed to test the physical, technical and decision making skills required in critical operations. And for the second time this month, Ridley Park's unofficial new police canine hits the news as a done-deal for Ridley Park without an official vote by Borough Council.

At October's Ridley Park Borough Council Workshop meeting Borough Council…


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Special Borough Council Meeting Oct 20, 2014

A Special Council meeting will take place on Monday, October 20, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Borough Hall, 105 East Ward Street, for the specific purposes of 1) holding a final determination hearing In Re: Heart and Lung Hearing for Officer Theodore Woolery; and 2) addressing any other personnel matters which may come before Council for discussion and/or action.

All persons wishing to be heard may appear before Council at the Borough of Ridley Park.…


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Ridley Education Foundation grants

The Ridley Education Foundation recently presented a total of $16,130 in new and renewal grants to teachers in the Ridley School District. The grants fund programs proposed by teachers that are not covered in the school district budget. Funds are raised privately by the foundation. The story is by Barbara Ormsbyfor the…


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Missed Romance at the Ridley Park WaWa

There are perfect romantic moments when the excitement clouds our brain and we forget what to do next. I found this romantic faux pas on Craigslist where a 45 years old gentleman is looking for his WaWa interests.

"You were having trouble w the gas pump at Ridley Park Wawa. Blonde, perfect teeth, beautiful smile. You were in a Kia and asked me how to operate the pump handle, and I didn't ask…


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Ridley Park's hires new K-9 officer

Despite repeated declines by Borough Council a few years back, Ridley Park's Police Chief is back in the news after training and hiring a new K-9 police dog for Ridley Park's Police Department. 

The sixteen-month-old tail wagging new…


Added by RidleyParkOnline on October 11, 2014 at 8:00am — 19 Comments

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