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November 2014 Blog Posts (8)

No 2015 Tax increase, Volunteerism and The Lake overgrowth

According to the preliminary budget, Ridley Park residents should not expect a tax increase in 2015. Taxes will remain at 8.14 mills, or $814 per $100K of assessed home value. The final budget is yet to be confirmed.

Ridley Park Police have a 3.25% raise due from their contract, and other Borough employees have a 2% increase in store.

Council president Bob Berger appealed for volunteers to join the Planning Commission and the Telecommunications Committee. "Hopefully…


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Correction to Vote Date in previous post

Hi everyone, I was incorrect about when the council is to vote (if there is a vote ) when I stated today's date / meeting.  I misinterpreted some information and it would make sense that if there was to be voting it MUST be done in public.  They might not tell us what they are voting on, since this council majority does not offer information to us at all about any personnel issues.  The vote will have to be at the December work shop meeting.  Can't explain what this date was for at the…


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A Taxpayer's Advice to Council Voting - Don't play politics!

I heard that Council is going to be asked to make a decision that could affect ALL Ridley Park Residents this Monday November 24, 2014.  Incase you are unaware of what is going on in this Police Personnel matter; one of our Police Officers is going to find out how the Council will vote for his future employment in Ridley Park Borough.  The officer was injured in the line of duty when his patrol car was struck by a drunk driver while responding to a call.  The Officer has been on the police…


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What an atmosphere at Council Meeting

Missing Person Alert!  Bob Boland showed up at the council meeting tonight with his gang.  We haven't seen Mr. Boland since the debacle of the Billboard that he orchestrated.  Found out why he showed up.  He was receiving numerous phone calls about the massive parking tickets that have been ordered by Clyde, our acting Chief.  ( Is there any coincidence this action started after Bonnie was asked to resign? Retaliation? ) Over the past two weeks residents have been ticketed throughout…


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Cold Weather Coming!

Any last minute gardening should be done today or tomorrow.  Use some of the leaves to protect your perennial bulbs.  Trim the tea roses if stems are way too long.

I planted over 200 bulbs in a 6 x 6 area 2 weeks ago.  Within 2 hrs the squirrel were out digging them up!  And I had soaked them in water and sprayed with a squirrel repellent!  So Lily, my dog, and I trekked up to Home Depot.  Bought some screening and gardening nails and with fingers crossed it seems to have done…


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Bringing business in to Ridley

The Ridley  Township Board of Commissioners is hosting a public forum on Thursday, November 20th @ 6:00pm. They will be discussing their efforts to try and make the area of MacDade Blvd more enticing to businesses through a new program. The more businesses we can bring to the Ridley area the better for everyone.

Hopefully some residents of Ridley Park will join me and we can see what this is all about.

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Ridley Park's Borough Manager NO More

Ridley Park Borough Council has agreed on a separation of employment agreement with Borough Manager Dawn Human. Human's agreement relieves her of all Borough Manager duties and allows her to use sick time and vacation time due to her until December 31, 2014 when her employment with the Borough is terminated.

A copy of the signed agreement is available at Ridley Park Borough Hall.

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Ridley Park Votes Tom Wolf, Meehan, McGarrigle

Voting results with 100% of the votes counted for the November 2014

                                                   Ridley Park    County Wide


Republican  A1  Tom CORBETT         1,086         68,957

Democrat    B1  Tom WOLF               1,378        108,307


Representative in Congress 7th Dist  

Republican  A2  P. MEEHAN              1,543      …


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