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July 2009 Blog Posts (8)

Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine

In an effort to crack down on pedestrian bowling with cars, Ridley Park Police Chief Tom Byrne told listeners at Tuesday evenings Borough Council meeting, his officers will begin traffic stakeouts at strategic locations around Ridley Park.

Byrne's announcement came one week after a… Continue

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The smell of fresh asphalt in the morning

Among the grand Victorians on Cresswell street this morning, the odor of kerosene & asphalt was in the air. I love the smell of fresh asphalt in the morning, and I'm sure the residents did too.

The final act, in the resurfacing of Ridley Park's streets, is happening now in the first precinct, along Cresswell Street, behind Borough Hall. It's an amazing conclusion our town and our residents will enjoy for the next 20 years.…


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Random cop stakeouts would curb speeders in Ridley Park

According to Dr Tim Shickley, Ridley Parkers "pride ourselves in having a walkable community" and "Motorists’ behavior puts pedestrians at risk as any crossing guard and many residents will tell you."

Shickley is Ridley Park's crossing guard at Swarthmore and Ridley Avenues during the school year, and nobody knows pedestrian/vehicular close calls, near misses and drivers in a hurry, like Dr Tim Shickley.

In his… Continue

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Living in Ridley Park

I've been a resident of Ridley Park for about two decades, now. I am so glad I chose to make it my home, but I can't take any credit for the decision. I have to admit that the story of how I came to live here has nothing to do with Ridley Park itself or any of its wonderful qualities.

My room mate from college and best friend, Nancy, decided that she needed to move. She lived and worked in south Jersey, but her boyfriend lived far away Newcastle, Delaware. Nan wanted to move to a… Continue

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Great Website

Great information and pictures. We need to get this out to the residents.

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Resurfacing Ridley Park's streets

Anywhere you go nowadays in Ridley Park it takes a Parker detour to get around the road crew resurfacing one street or another. If there was ever a temporary inconvenience for a long term improvement; then the resurfacing of Ridley Park's streets is it.

In this part of the resurfacing phase, the crew cuts off the top one and one half inch "wearing surface" of the street, so a new wearing surface can be laid down by another crew. Over the decades,… Continue

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Good night for our flag too

Thanks for your insight into the life of our flags. When I thought about it I went downtown to the business district last night to check if the flags were having a good night too

The weather was perfect for a stroll and a light breeze made it a great night in Ridley Park to be a flag too.

We walked home around 10PM with your crazy article was still in my head and my pictures ready to go… Continue

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1st day in the life of our new Ridley Park flags

I met up with Dave, Mike and Bob from the Ridley Park Highway Department this morning in East Lake Park.

Their morning was filled with preparation for the holiday weekend and our fireworks display on July 5th, so I don't blame them if the magnitude of the moment escaped them. They were too busy with the parks' grounds to prepare, booths to erect, and the normal tasks of a small town's morning needs to take notice that today was the first day in… Continue

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