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April 2014 Blog Posts (12)

May 20 primary election Democratic candidates

May 20 is a primary election, which means registered voters in each party vote only to nominate candidates for their party. Then in November all voters can choose between the party nominated candidates.

The governor candidates have websites—you can google their names for info—Dems are State Treasurer Rob McCord;Tom Wolf, Allyson Schwartz, & Katie McGinty


On May 20, you can vote for your choice for Governor and Lt. Gov.

For Dem voters, our local Dem endorsed…


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Public portion of council meeting

It"s surprising no one has recalled Mr. Glenn's many appearances, as a citizen, before previous councils.  His moments of veiled sarcasm are hard to forget.

It's strange, that after 127 years, the public portion  of the meetings has been redefined.  What does council fear? It will be ironic when, on Memorial Day, the mayor will speak of respect and appreciation for the sacrifices made to protect our freedoms, while having colluded to dampen the rights of the borough"s…


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Free Fishing at the Ridley Park Lake

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2014 and Independence Day, Friday, July 4, 2014 fishing is free of charge at Ridley Lake on Pennsylvania's two "Fish for Free Days." On these two days, there's on license, no permits, and no experience necessary if you want to test you luck at hauling-in a big one.

On the rest of the 363 days a year, a current Pennsylvania…


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State Pot Hole Funds Land in Ridley Park

The Borough has been blessed by the Commonwealth with more than 13K from the state's liquid fuels tax. The fund is normally returned to communities like Ridley Park for road repairs and this season an extra 3500's been added specifically as a supplement to repair pot holes from this winter.

The story is reported in the DelCoTimes by…


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Ridley Park Police ask for help with Cyclist Hit and Run

Ridley Park Police are asking for help in their efforts to locate the driver of a hit and Run on Chester Pike and Sellers Avenue on Monday night, April 21. Around 10:50PM an 18 year old Ridley Township youth was riding, or walking his bicycle across Chester Pike when he was struck by a gray or silver pickup truck.

The striking vehicle was described as an older model truck, possibly a 1997-2003 Ford F-150…


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Council Member at Loggerheads with Ridley Park Resident

Ridley Park Council vice president Jim Glenn and Pomeroy Street resident Andy Furman clashed at council's April 15 meeting over the protocol for the public comment portion of the meeting. DelCoTimes correspondent Barbara Ormsby was there and she files this account.

Glenn told Furman public comment was just that, public comment, and not a time to ask questions of council members. Glenn said Furman should forward his questions to the appropriate person on council and limit his time…


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Ridley Park People take a step back.

I recently saw a rerun of one of our town meetings. I was so angry. Not only did we waste time saying how the council stated they wanted to save time, and where they are cutting issues at meetings. We spent the next several people discussing the same things and pointing fingers.

I am sorry if everyone is not happy. Ok. Now let's move forward. I want everyone to ask one simple question to themselves and then answer it. WHAT OR WHY DID YOU MOVE TO RIDLEY PARK????, WHAT MADE YOU…


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A great place to catch fish - Ridley Park Lake

It's spring and to anglers that means only hip boots, hook, line and sinkers.  Casting a line and waiting for a bite is one of the most relaxing activities you can do on the banks of Ridley Lake.  Leo Sheng of …


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Ridley Park Parking Permits

Ridley Park Parking Permit forms are available online for download.  The completed form is then mailed to…


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Barnstormers Jammin with "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Kicked gloriously into high gear from the very start by the ensemble band (Robert Diton, Director, keyboard; Caty Butler, bass; Max Dabby, horn; Colin Davis, trumpet; Kevin Hutter, saxophone; Daniel Kitching, guitar/keyboard; Andrew Mauro, lead guitar; Christopher Tolomeo, drum), who amped up the audience opening night, the intensity heightening as the vocal…


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Ridley Park Historical Society - a slice from our past

There's a new website in Ridley Park and the content makes the Ridley Park Historical Society website a compelling read for all Parkers looking for a true sense of the rich history that is Ridley Park. 

The …


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Billboard Variance to raise Billboard Height

The zoning hearing board will meet at 7 pm Thursday on an application by H.A. Steen Industries Inc. seeking a variance to increase the height of an existing outdoor advertising billboard at 708 Ketchum Ave.

Barbara Ormsby of the …


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