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January 2015 Blog Posts (10)

Ridley Park's "State of the Borough" 2015

In his 18th annual state of the borough address on Jan. 20, Ridley Park Mayor Hank Eberle detailed a year of pluses for Ridley Park, including the approval a new 10-year comprehensive plan that was hammered out after a committee of residents worked for 18 months on its details under the guidance and direction of the Delaware County Planning Commission. The story in the …


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Winter Storm Watch, January 26-27, 2015

The National Weather Service in Mt Holly New Jersey has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Ridley Park from Monday afternoon…


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Ridley Park - is it a sad decline

Is it just me or does anyone else see the decline of our little town?  Trash in the streets, no police presence, properties being unattended to, creeps in the streets, businesses closing up and leaving town, residents unable to get permits, a trash company that picks up "when they feel like it"....... it's an outrage!  Ridley Twp, less than 2 miles away, has it all together....we are slipping badly.  Is it all we can do but say "Isn't it a shame, it used to be such a nice town".  Where's the…


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Future of Ridley Park at stake in 2015 election-- will you help?


Fellow Parkers--  Your help is needed to elect new leadership and move Ridley Park forward.   We need a council majority that stands with the residents instead of against us.

We need open honest government with fiscal responsibility to manage our tax money effectively. Our local businesses need better support from council. Our property values depend on improving maintenance of parks and the lake.

The Ridley Park Democratic  Committee stands ready to support qualified…


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Ridley Park's Code Enforcer - Living up to people's opinions

A few months back, I posted a blog on Anthony Tartaglia, the Code Enforcer for Ridley Park Borough, "Code Enforcement - "Arrogant, Ignorant, impossible to work with"-- add to Financial Problems for RP".  I hope people will read what I posted and compare it to tonight's council meeting (January 20, 2015 meeting).  Another resident is experiencing the…


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School Board reaffirms "No Go" with REA talks

In a special meeting Wednesday morning, January 14, 2015 the Ridley School Board (RSB) voted again to reject the report and recommendations of a State appointed Fact Finder. The Ridley Education Association (REA) members have worked without a contract since June 30, 2014.

The Fact Finder's report says the RSB and REA have reached agreement on 16 issues but they're were unable to see eye to eye on three remaining points: teacher directed preparation time, wages and medical…


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Ridley Park's Outdoor Public Toilet

"Holy frozen big-ones Batman, someone forgot to take the public toilet out of Recreation Field for the winter." 

And there it sits; bright and blue, and hidden under the lower branches of the tall evergreens only to be seen by the needy and those residents who love ABC Field.

Residents were told the outdoor station was to relieve athletes and…


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Ridley Park's Acting Police Chief - THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM

There is no need to whisper, this is important and we must make a stand as residents!

I've been hearing many residents asking questions about how our Borough is dealing with The Acting Chief of Police hinting that he is positioning for a " long term " disability buy out!   Many Police officers have advised that a memo was sent out explaining that our Acting Chief would be missing work due to residual health issues from a automobile accident that occurred in 2012.



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School Board nixes Fact Finder's Report

Monday night the Ridley School Board (RSB) rejected a state-appointed Fact Finder's report in their long-going dispute with the Ridley Education Association (REA) over a contract.  The three main stalling points are: salary, health care, and teacher-directed prep time.

The chief negotiator for the district, told…


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Royal Farms on Stewart Ave - Move aside WaWa

Move aside Wawa - there's a new convenience store franchise opening up in your hometown space and they too serve fresh coffee, food on-the-go, cheap gas, and they have no ATM fees. Royal Farms of Baltimore Maryland is aiming to change the local's loyalty to WaWa over to their brand of hospitality, hot foods, cheap gas, and specialty fried chicken. 

The Maryland based chain has 160 stores in Delaware and Maryland and opens up it's first Philadelphia area store next week on…


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