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Ridley Park Online is a volunteer-run community technology initiative for the residents Ridley Park, Pa, 19078, USA. Ridley Park Online is not operated by the Ridley Park Borough Council. You can find the official Ridley Park Borough website at ridleyParkborough.org

Our goal is to create a modern voice on the web for the residents of Ridley Park to share information about our community with others inside Ridley Park. Our content is family and community based. We intend our information and communication technologies to pro-actively promote social inclusion, heighten community interaction, and empower communication in new ways in Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA.

Ridley Park Online freely gives local Ridley Park community organizations an innovative tool to online publishing so they can more effectively communicate with their members and disseminate information inside Ridley Park. And Ridley Park Online gives every member the ability to create their very own special interest group for others Ridley Parker's to join; such as backyard gardening, ponds, RP history, East Lake supporters, and friends of the Ridley Park Free Library, just to name a few - the possibilities are up to our members.

Ridley Park Online is intended to assist every citizen in Ridley Park to become digitally engaged, digitally educated, and digitally entertained with multimedia communications from digital cameras, video recorders, music players and personal computers. If you know of a Ridley Park citizen who needs digital education and assistance gaining access to the Internet, or help surfing around Ridley Park Online, drop us a line, our volunteers will help all we can. You can reach us at info@ridleyparkonline.com

Our logo conveys our philosophy that every resident is the center of Ridley Park.

Thank you for joining Ridley Park's online social community - we hope you have a great time with Ridley Park Online.

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