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I was wondering if anyone had information about one of the white (Pekin) ducks, who went missing from the lake Sunday evening/Monday morning. We searched the bushes, over the falls, and upstream--to no avail. I'm especially worried as we found another one of the white ones deceased the morning of July 4th. I've become very fond of these ducks over the years (and I know other residents are as well) and would appreciate any information on what might have happened. Thanks in advance. 

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Funny, I thought it was a white goose.  But whatever it is, there seems to be only one left now.  If it's a goose, they mate for life so the poor thing is all alone now.  Don't know if ducks mate for life too.

They are domestic ducks (http://www.beautyofbirds.com/pekinducks.html) that got "dumped" there as unwanted Easter gifts--very sad. I, too, was wondering if he'd be lonely without his mate and have thought about whether he may be better off at a farm sanctuary like Chenoa Manor. 

Good thought.  Where is that?

It's about 45 minutes away--a wonderful place (I've done tours) but no big lake, unfortunately: http://www.chenoamanor.org

Thanks for the info.  A church member at my church thinks they're swans, I can send her the link.  At one time, there were around 6 of them, weren't there?

Definitely not swans: swans and geese can fly but the Pekin ducks are stuck there year round. And, yes, it's heartbreaking to know there is only one left. One was taken to Schyulkill Wildlife refuge (at least that's what I heard), one disappeared, one went over the falls last summer and didn't make it, and now we've lost the last two females just over a week apart. A friend just said she thinks one was hit by a car :-(

Are the ducks at the Lake a violation of Council's new "Anti-Chicken" Law?  Maybe they were imprisoned (or impounded) by code enforcement?

Hmmm. White feathers? Have wings but can't fly?  Sounds like chickens to me!

Who in RP has chickens?

I know of several people who have chickens and a rooster in Ridley Park - that shouldn't have them

I can understand not wanting noisy roosters crowing at dawn in a residential neighborhood, but outlawing chickens?  Kind of silly.  Chickens and small game birds such as guinea hens are good to have around even before the barbecue.  They eat ticks and other annoying insects, are docile pets for children, and good companions for elderly folks.  Chicken houses can be more attractive, and less of a nuisance than a dog yard.  Check out this link:


I was visiting a place that had roosters, they actually started crowing at 3AM.  Question: do chickens still lay eggs w/out the presence of a rooster?


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