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What factors, person, incident or happenstance brought you to live in Ridley Park, PA?

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Dear  everyone  at   Ridley Park On Line,

   I  am  coming  to RP  from California  for the   Double Class Reunion for RPHS classes 1966 and 1967 being held this coming Thanksgiving weekend.  I need to know if there is a  Bed & Breakfast or a small hotel  in Ridley Park? Also,  is there a place on this web site where  Ridley Parkers can advertise  this  type of event???

  thanks,  Anna  Lee Zambito  Spencer,  RPHS  class of  1967

To my knowledge we do not have any Bed & Breakfast or hotels in Ridley Park- although I own one of the Victorian's across from the Ridley train station and have wished a few times that I could start one!  The best options are the hotels down near the airport - they aren't far and there is a good variety of types and prices.

here is an idea for you:  Rent out one of your bedrooms to me for a few days between late Tues and Friday, Nov. 22nd thru the 25th !  I am a non-smoker, very quiet, and can eat breakfast somewhere downtown RP !  I plan to stay at the Ramada Inn on Saturday night, because of the class reunion being held there in Essington. I do not plan to rent a car, but can simply take a taxi directly from the airport on Tuesday the 22nd to RP. My sister, Linda Zambito Reischer, will be attending the reunion, hopefully !   thank you for your response!


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