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What factors, person, incident or happenstance brought you to live in Ridley Park, PA?

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We arrived in 1964, a long time ago-- my husband worked at Boeing. He grew up in Prospect PArk and always loved Ridley Park
I came with a man. He left - I stayed - it's that simple. The reason of why I stayed was more complicated back then, like me. I stayed because moving on was too much for me to do at the time. Back then, I told my family I would move from Ridley Park as soon as I could find another place to live. I loved my apartment and I didn't want to give it up, so I decided to go to school in Philly. The thought of using the train terrified me. I was never on a train in my life and my neighbor took me on my first ride from Ridley Park's train station at Christmas time. She took me to the Reading market and we came home after lunch with fresh luncheon meats and sausages that smelled-up the entire train car. I was giggling when people walked past us and inhaled; and then they always turned around and smiled. After that, I associated my train rides from Ridley Park with good things and good people. Lots of my friends are my old train buddies.
I kid my brother's and sister that some day I'm moving back home; but my life here now involves friends and Ridley Park. I love the convenience to the train and I-95. I hate that Philly Airport is so close, yet I love that tax free shopping in Delaware is right down the road. And, when I really think about it, I have a new paved street in front of my house. Where my family's from, proper roads don't exist - sorry bro, it's true.
You might not, but HollyWood.
My daughter and her mom and were living in RP and Debbie and I moved to RP to co-parent. I grew up in Middletown Township, DelCO and the only thing I knew; RP was the town I drove through when I took the short-cut to I-95. Our plan was direct; move close to RP, make sure my daughter Devon graduated Ridley High, then move back to Colorado.
We found an old house in Morton we wanted to buy and one night we took Devon to see it. As it happened, after we dropped off Devon at her mom's, we turned out of the driveway behind The Parker and our headlights shined on a For Sale sign on the lawn of an old beat-up Victorian on the corner of Sellers Avenue and Poplar Walk. We pulled over and jotted down the number of the Realtor. We never imagined we'd end up in one of the old Victorians, let alone, live in a house across the street from my Ex. That was November 1991.
The next month Devon started living with us full-time on Sellers Avenue and "parenting a teenager" became a skill that Debbie should add to her resume in bold type.
Years moved on and Devon did graduate Ridley High School - YEA. She moved out and found a career on her own, a home in North Carolina, and a husband who is an Airborne Ranger. Three year ago, Devon, my son-in-law Ernie, and my awesome granddaughter Hailey moved back into Ridley Park. Their daughter Shana was born in Ridley Park a year ago tomorrow (August 1, 2008) and the process of creating a new Parker begins again.
Last year, Hailey and I walked together to Lakeview School three mornings every week. There were a lot of changes we noted about the seasons, the weather and each other. First grade starts soon and I'm excited that we'll walk again to school together. I love the community conveniences of Ridley Park. I especially love my walk to Lakeview School in the mornings with my granddaughter. From the looks of it, if the creeks don't rise and the planets stay aligned, then Debbie and I hope to be here for her graduation from Ridley High too - in 11 years.

I was a militray kid who lived all over the world, Greece,Iran,Philipines even exotic McGuire USAFB in NJ!
My folks settled in New Orleans & the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I lived there 15 years. I took a job with Whittle Communications and traveled nationally supervising the installation of Satellittes. I meet my wife,Kathy who grew up in Glenolden but her grandmother lived in RP since the 30's. We bought her grandmothers home & fixed it up & got married and have 2 6yo twin girls. As I have said, I lived in all kind of homes in many kinds of neighborhoods around the world, and a walkable historic town is the best. I don't think most folks around here appreciate what we have(for they have not traveled as I have), nor realize how affordable as well as unique RP is. The only thing closely like it is, a Narbeth or a Swarthmore. That is why I am for things like HARB & improving the quality of life in RP, to keep it unique and improve what we are lucky to have.
My wife and I were looking to buy our first home, and were looking all over Delco. One day, I was stuck in traffic on 95 and just had to get off - the next exit was #8, Ridley Park. Promptly proceeding to get lost, I drove all around RP, parked in the business district and walked around. Fell in love immediately. Two days later, my wife and I had dinner at the Gaslight and we walked around some more. And that's when we both decided that we wanted to buy in RP. The town was townish enough for a city guy like me, and suburby enough for her.
Hi everybody, did someone see the whole situation of two car accident near Nifty Fifty on October 24, 2009? I am the driver of the front car. The back car hit me but his had a witness saying I turned left to hit him. I am here to ask help, thank you so much.
If someone knows the detail, could you contact with me by my email? Thank you so much.
In 1952 I had a Golden Book entitled "A Little Cowboy's Christmas". At that same time my uncle Mike returned from The Korean War and had nothing better to do then take me for rides in the country. I remember going down West Ridley Avenue and turning left to go over the lake bridge and realized it look just like the pix in the story book. I loved everything about it and badgered my parents for 2 years to move there. Eventually in June of 54 they found a home they could afford. My first day at school (St. Mads) was the last day of the old original St. Mads School. I was the last student to transfer into it and half an hour later the nuns marched us into the new building.
I have read some of the comments of others on this page and yes there is love at first sight. Even for 6 year olds. I am retired now and have lots of stories 20 years worth. Even returned in 2004 to size up the town before I retired and maybe return. Sadly, I had a stroke in 2006 and must remain near family. Darn!
I was born in RP. My mother was born in RP, in the house we lived in on Stiles Avenue. My mother's mother and father [my grandparents] bought the house on Stiles Avenue when my grandfather worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad out of Philadelphia. In short, my grandparents brought me to RP via the Pennsylvania Railroad.
I grew up in RP and attended RPHS and loved every minute of it !! Lynne Fleming Leach
Hi Lynn: Pam and I are also on facebook group "Growing Up Ridley" You will want to check it out.
Jake bowden

I was born in Ridley Park in 1949. My mother was born in Ridley Park in 1923.  Her father built their house on Stiles Avenue, while he lived in Philadelphia and worked for the Penna. Railroad. He and my grandmother moved to RP by 1921-22.   Also, one of my great uncles supposedly had a store in RP in the old downtown area. His name was Jake Wynn.  Store may have been called Wynn's Grocery Store, but not definite.

If anyone has any history of this, please contact me ASAP.  Thanks.  Lynne Fleming Leach

Hi Lynne, just wanted to say hi to an old neighbor and friend.
I found myself car-less in 1989 & also unemployed. I found a job at the DoD office in Boeing and moved here b/c I could walk to work. Then fell in love with the place and hope to live out the rest of my years here. We did move to Delaware for 6 years, 1999 to 2005 & was so glad when we "had to" move back to RP (I hated Delaware).


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