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Does anyone know when Ridley Park will be getting Verizon FIOS?  I contacted Verizon and they said not any time soon.  Thanks!

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i was wondering the same thing.
Just checked on the wed site an it said the triple play still was not available but i have seen fios trucks in the area.
We are scheduled to get FIOS this Friday. My sister already has it. We both live in Ridley Park.
What street's do you live on? I haven't seen any trucks or signs of fiber installs around town. I'd love to get FIOS!
Hi Kirby, Verizon FIOS is available for to the residents of Ridley Park borough, they may not have all the streets completed. You can call this toll-free# 1-888-259-7533 8am-19amET or go to verizon.com/unbeatable & save an additional $5 a month. There is a special offer if you order by 11/23/10.
Thanks for the info everyone! I'll give them a call this week.

UPDATED:  We've had Verizon Fios in Ridley ark for years and we've been a subscriber. See Verizon Fios for current deals for Ridley Park https://fios.verizon.com


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