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To All RP Residents:  If you haven’t seen the most recent Council Meeting, you may want to view the replay. Stay informed as to whom the folks are seeking the vacant seat on Council.  Attend the next Workshop to voice your opinion and remind Council how the residents voted in November 2015.

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@D.Trefz - I'm with you 100% on how the residents voted in the last election. It's a big hood-wink and the biggest untalked-about event in RP in years. No one's brought it to RPOL until now - thank you for making the larger audience aware what is happening to our Borough Council. 

Recently elected Borough Council Member Holly O'Mahoney (R) announced her resignation.

Two candidates from the recent election have written to Borough council an announced their intention to serve on Council: Jim Glenn and Maripat King.  Here are the official results from our recent election:

Democrat    A28    Maripat KING            882
Democrat    A29    Mike GALE                895
Democrat    A30    Jared BRENNAN         941
Republican    B28    Holly O'MAHONEY    900
Republican    B29    James P. GLENN        861
Republican    B30    Paul MATTUS            833

Under a true democracy and in the Miss America beauty pageant the runner-up is next in line as I see it. I understand only 6 council members vote and Mayor Hank can vote if there's a standoff (a tie).

Thanks for posting the November election results, Howard.

I did submit my letter of interest and resume to Bob Berger and Council members at the last workshop meeting.

Thanks D. Trefz, very important information. Council workshop meeting is Tuesday July 5, boro hall, 7 pm
Maripat King's high level of community involvement and professionalism makes her the most qualified candidate for council, plus being the next highest vote getter in the election

Didn't Bergermeister appoint Mattus?

Ken, it was awhile ago, but As I remember that council meeting, .mattus was appointed to the vacancy commission. That would be to cast the tie breaking vote in the mayors absence
How can Mattus be appointed to anything? You can 't appointment anyone until 30 days if they go past 30 days. This whole thing is crucked. Everyone knows they want a republican in there. And it is not fair that if Glenn gets appointed. The people voted him out, so why should he be able to be appointed to council again. That is dirty, and should not be allowed.

Bob Berger should resign.  He is ethically challenged and sets a low standard for the position of President.

After 16 years of service on the Planning Commission, Bob Galbraith was unceremoniously dropped when his term expired in January, and replaced by (SURPRISE!!!) Jim Glenn. Something had to be done to keep Glenn's name on the radar, and that was the available place. So when the Republicans reorganized, they made a sweeping approval of ALL board and commission members in one vote, a typical ALL OR NOTHING move by the current majority.  Bob Galbraith  was never notified  when the Republican regime did this..after 16 YEARS OF SERVICE...not a Thank you, not any recognition. In late February, Bob Galbraith  was notified by Mike Gale, the newly elected Council member and liason to the Planning Commission, that he was no longer a member.  It is my personal opinion that these decisions and the appointment  of Jim Glenn (who was voted out of office in the November election) is a decision not made by the Council and Mayor... but made by Bob Boland, Ridey Park Republican leader. And the politics as usual process goes on......

Would this decision be connected to Bob Galbraith speaking up at a recent workshop meeting in support of Maripat King filling the vacant seat on Council

I believe that Maripat was talking about my 16 years of service on the Zoning Hearing Board.

Where are we able to view replays of the meetings?

Bart, you can find it on RP access channel.


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