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"Trolling the Internet" has never been associated with "Surfing the Internet" because "Trolls" and "Trolling the Internet" stand for uncivil behavior. Trolling RPOL is to sow fear, uneasiness, unpleasantness, and to sensitize our community to their presence.  When RPOL identifies a Troll in our network, RPOL will handle Troll behavior the same way we handle spam and spammers.

Like the supernatural being in Norse mythology, Trolls are agents of chaos. On RPOL they are the member(s) who consistently promote emotional outrage, disgust and anger.  They are the RPOL user who deliberately sows discord, provokes readers into emotional responses, consistently raises angry accusations, and a user who exploits any topic with an extraneous response in an attempt to elicit an emotional response.

The underlying personality characteristics of Trolls are what make our unsuspecting members go bonkers.  Trolls are overtly narcissistic (grandiose, egotistical), Machiavellian (manipulative, exploitative, cynical, self-interested, deceptive) and out right psychopathic (callous, and remorseless). Their malicious, disruptive disregard for others also violates the freedom of speech RPOL guarantees to everyone in our community - they are the proverbial bad apple that is trying to spoil the bunch.

RPOL does not silence or suppress anyone's personal expression or opinion; in fact we have a history of tolerance for individual speach and personal expression.  However, RPOL will control topics and how members express their opinions towards other members and we will remove Trolls as they are identified.

If you suspect a member is intentionally trying to disturb the RPOL network, disrupt our conversations, or they are trying to chip away at our community's feeling of trust, "Please, don't feed the Trolls" and write RPOL.

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Thanks RPOL, showing the Parker Pride of RP!

...or in the words of the Lollipop Guild,

"Ding dong the witch is dead! 

Which old witch? 

The Wicked Witch!"

Just a reminder, however: just because you disagree with someone doesn't make them a troll.  As RPOL says, it's a continued pattern of disruption that's the clue.

IMHO, a sign of a troll is that s/he never initiates a conversation, just pipes in to others' blogs with snarky comments.  In other words, waits until someone dares to express an opinion or reveal a fact about something then uses that as an excuse for a personal attack.

Personal attacks, yes, that is bad behavior. But the fact that someone doesn’t initiate conversations? I can't agree with that being considered "trolling" behavior. I don’t believe that I have started many - if any - conversations here, and I don’t believe I have ever posted anything worthy of being called a troll!

Thank you.


Once again, I find that I did not express my thought very well.  It's one thing to never initiate a conversation, but quite another to attack those who do.  S/he just passively sits and waits for another person to express an opinion, then attacks.


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