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I am asking all business owners downtown to clean up the trash outside their buildings.

Today I took a walk from my house to downtown, and picked up trash along the way as I often do.  My bag was already full when I got to the corner by Double Decker, where I was seriously dismayed by the amount of YUCK in the bushes and along the curb (see my recently posted photos called Trash).

I know it is easy to blame The Kids who drop trash particularly on that corner where the benches are.  But who is responsible for picking it up?  I believe that a business should keep its perimeter clean just as a homeowner should.  Send an employee out on a regular basis to pick it up.  Such a cleanup would keep our downtown looking good and improve the scenery for us all!

And if the argument is 'it's not mine, I'm not responsible', well then shame on you.

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Agreed.........show some pride to your store fronts and sides....there is so much apathy here anymore...it's very discouraging. 

It's not mine...



Let's talk Trash!  Does Ridley Parkers 'really' recycle?  We do a good job at home, but what about our public appearance?

We should be proud of our recycle schedule and the ease of putting all our recyclables in one container for removal, but has anyone taken a look at our trash in the parks?  How does our public recycle?  Our parks are not equipped with the proper trash containers.  In some cases you will only see one container, in this trash can you will find plastic bottles, trash and dog waste together.  We need to update our public parks with trash and recycle containers, clearly marked so people know where to deposit their trash.  

Let's put our trash where it belongs and separate our recyclables so they can be deposed of properly.

would any potential business owner want to buy property in our business district? Not the way it looks now.

We are going to find this out with the sale of Taylor Hospital. Should be hearing about this soon.

Michael, did you mean to say Ridley Township, or Ridley Park Borough?  I know this sounds picky but it does matter.  In Ridley Park we have our own local codes. 

I think we the citizens of Ridley Park are responsible for our trash. I walk daily on the streets around the train station.  I pick up bottles, newspapers, 7-11 cups, dd boxes. These are not the responsibility of the shop keepers but rather the disrespect of the people of our borough.  We shouldn't have to, but if every one just picked up one bag of trash a week, even if not in front of your house, it would be a nicer place to live.


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