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Is it me or does anyone else out here in RP see the way cars SPEED through RP, Blowing Stop Signs ETC, I do not recall the last time I seen a Police car sitting at the end of a road in attempt to catch thses people, But they can sit in Ridley Park Bus. area. It's ashame because this is all over RP. I guess our police have way to much better things going on.  Or it will take someone getting killed or hurt bad.  any ideas

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It's sad to say but it happens all the time, more so every since they moved the police station.

John, failing to stop at a stop sign in RP is called "The Ridley Roll."  Like The Lake, The Library and The Clock, it's a Ridley Park thing not otherwise explained.  That along with speeders don't cause me as much notice as cars park on the opposing side of traffic. Crossing your side of the road to park on the opposing side of traffic is 100% illegal in PA; except in Ridley Park.  I think the RPPD does a fine job, so I can only deduce that it's a cultural thing; where local drivers drive like crap because that's what they're taught and crappy driving is the local driving reference and the local standard. 

If every Parker stopped at every stop sign, drove at 25 MPH, then pedestrian's would be no reason to fear for their life when they crossed the street at a stop sign in Ridley Park. Asking local's to drive at 25 MPH and to stop at stop signs is not asking for a utopian a society, it's asking everyone to be personally responsible for living in their community.

My solution is to stop at stop signs and count to 5.  I also drive at 25 MPH through town and push-up my rear-view mirror so I can't tell if the driver behind yells the lords name in vain. And I always wave to other Parkers. If I don't rush through town, others behind to stay at 25 MPH; and maybe someday they'll wave a friendlier gesture.

The police should be on 300 block of Burk Ave. They don't even stop for the stop sign. By the time they get to Bartlett Ave, they are going 50 miles an hour. They really should make Burk Ave a 1 way street. It's a cut thru street from the traffic from RT 420 up 10th ave, left on Burk and dow to Chester Pike. Should be no traffic from 6-9am. It's like the Daytona Speedway. Somebody like the police should monitor this.



Also, on Hinkley Ave heading toward the train station, there are signs all over the place that say NO PARKING AT ANYTIME. Might as well take those signs down, because everybody parks there, pays no attention to the signs. What's going on? Stop these people.


One thing I do not like about all those no parking signs around the train station is, where do you park if you're just running in the station to buy a ticket for a future date? You don't want to pay a meter when you'll only be there for a minute but everywhere else within a block of the station has a no parking sign.

Which stop sign are you talking about?  The one going "down" Burk to Chester Pike, or the one coming up Burk from the Pike? 

from 420 come up 10th Ave. past Prospect Park Square and continue to Stop Sign. Turn left and that is Burk Ave. or better know as Daytona Speedway. Follow that down the block to another so called Stop sign. Go right (you can go thru the stop sign because everybody does just like the one at 10th and Burk, then go left and down 1 block to Chester Pike.  Actually the way you described is I guess the same as I did. Thanks for asking Brad.


I know your intention wasn't to do this, but you just taught everyone how to use your street as a short-cut.


Believe me, these people already  knew how to use our street. The town could make plenty of money if a cop sat in an unmarked car on Bartlett or Stiles Ave. Some times I don't know what the police do when they ride around. Even if they just sat there for 1 hour, they could ticket so many drivers. In fact I bet I don't see during the day a police car come near our street. I never see one. I want to know the reason for that. Thanks Linda for responding.

Its interesting to see where the police do target drivers, not far from you they sat on Johnson and Hinkson for awhile back in the Fall, I live on a cul de sac not far from there and people speed.. On a cul de sac?!?!

Well I guess it going to take a car hitting a child or a major car wreck and someone gets killed in Ridley Park. and the street I also live on we don't see the poilice drive down are st (Very Rare) and if they sat a watched they sure would make a mint with tickets...speeders and blowing the stop signs, I'm not talking about rolling stop I talking about not STOPPING at all .......what more can you say here and if a car is going 50mph on a 25mph then they should be stopped. But as we all can see its a issue in Ridley Park......and it will continue to be, because you don't see the police setting traps or sitting at areas of concern...unless its the bussiness district in which they do sit for a long period of time and sometimes two cars are there.

Totally agree.. I hate getting down on the police and don't want to seem like I'm bashing them but.... There are other areas of Ridley Park, not just across from the 7-11 or the lot across from Leedom Elementary


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