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According to recent info from the R Historical Society, There should be some sort of celebration in 2012 as RP's  125h birthday.  My suggestion is to have an ALL - Class reunion of anyone/everyone, who went to RP High School, including the "last" class of 1967. hat class spent their senior year among strangers at the newly - formed "ridley high" in Folsom. I woud be happy to help organize such a gathering, and I have the contact info for the "class of 1967". I know that the lass of 1965 held a 40th in 2005, and the class of 1966 held a 40th class reunion in 2006. There was a recent reunion for the class of 1963, according to my sister, Joanne. What does Ridley Park expect to do to celebrate? Will there be a parade of "old-timers?"  What kind of ideas do you have?  Does the Council have a committee woring already on this subject?  I recently purchased the 100th anniversary brochure from the historical society, and it is a treasure.

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