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Yesterday, April 5 was clean up day in Philadelphia.  I have proposed in the past that we do the same.  The shop area in the borough is usually tidy, unless there is a half day at the middle school.  (I have actually watched boys stand by the train station, with their bikes, and toss their drink bottles on the ground, while a mere feet away from a trash can.  As a formal teacher I went over and gave them the look but only 1 boy of the 5 bent over and picked up his trash.

Has the borough taken a walk around the area?  And I am not just talking about a lake cleanup.  

Along Fenton, across from the PO, there has been a sanitary pad on the sidewalk for weeks. There is other trash there as well.  There is trash all along E Hinckley (which btw, no one honors the speed limit, and few actually stop at the stop sign at Kearney Place.)  There is trash in the garden areas on Ward street.  On Walnut, someone's trash can must have fallen over weeks ago, and there is still trash along the curb.  Morton is far from great.  And the hospital parking lot  usually has trash not only in it, but along the sidewalks.  (Behind the parking lot, it looks like a trash heap!)  I often walk down Lincoln and clean it up, only to return the next day to find Wawa cups, 7-11and Sonic trash.  

Oh, and just because it is wet or snowy, should not mean you don't clean up after your dog.

So do we want this to be a walking, welcoming borough or not?  Can't the borough have a clean up day?  Make the kids disturbing the peace clean it up?  Can't the citizens (yound and old)  be more proud.

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A cleanup day sounds like a great idea, but of course it would be even better for businesses and homeowners to clean up areas.  I've also been disturbed by the trashiness of Taylor Hospital's parking lot, and as I mentioned before our downtown area is pretty bad.


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