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What's Happened to the Ridley Park Business and Professional Association

What's happened to the Ridley Park Business and Professional Association?  I went to find the details of Ridley Park's annual Easter Egg hunt and I was shocked by the website standing in place of the RPBA site I expected.

Instead of a listing of our local businesses, and a proud announcement of the prowess of our local business community, I found a generic landing page with advertisements about parking at Gatwick and Los Angeles Airports - what's happened?

For decades the Ridley Park Business Association has been the master of ceremonies for the huge heritage events that have become Ridley Park family traditions; the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Parade and Santa Comes to Ridley Park; but in recent years I've seen a decline in advertising, enthusiasm, and the turn out - what's happening?

As the world becomes a more digitally-convenient place, and we've given up on the local hardware store, 5&10's and the video store, does a failed website and declining attendance a our local events mean we're given up on our local business events too? - What's happening? 

When the battle cry is "shop early shop local" all eyes focus on the Internet to see what we can buy locally - yes strange is true.  Now another piece of the puzzle is missing - our local business directory and our local business association are wiped off the Internet landscape and unable to be found by any would-be shoppers.

The loss of the Ridley Park Business Associations website signals a big step backwards in our business community's ability to keep up with the digital world?  A local business directory is a simple necessity; nothing fancy, just names and contact information. RPOL will pick up the task, but i the meantime - What happened?

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Howard, have you googled the business association?  Are you sure the website address is .org, not .com?

@Linda S. If you go to www.ridleyparkbusiness.org you see the page above - if you go to www.ridleyparkbusiness.com there is no page listed - The Borough's website lists the Ridley Park Business and Professional Association as  www.ridleyparkbusiness.org- and your question is?

The point in business is to make a profit to stay in business - that only happend on the Internet when you can be found. All the Google search results for the Ridley Park Business Association (etc) lead to other sites who cite and/or link the Ridley Park Business and Professional Association and none of those links are active: first suspicion.

Great work Howard.

Lansdowne's Business Association has a nice website titled ShopLansdowne

The new Planet Fitness is now "OPEN".   The RIDLEY SHOPPING CENTER  has been completed.


Ken Harper

Ridley Park, PA


Howard, I was thinking that sometimes there's confusion between .org websites and .com.  This sounds like a stupid question, but is there a phone # you can call?  The owner of Ridley Park Florist used to (maybe still is?) the president of RPBA; she should know what's up with the website.

@Perry.  You know that Ridley Township approved everything on the plans that Planet Fitness submitted to them. Also this is part of the Ridley Shopping Center & was the last parcel to be completed.  I am sorry that my late father isn't around to see this.  This was his project that he started & my brother & I have completed.  

Ken Harper

Ridley Park,PA


@Perry....Parkers are suppose to feel sorry for you because you have a light that is obnoxious? Pretty funny.  Hmm...let me review some of your posts..nope, don't see anything on there with you commenting anything about the billboard in RP, you know the ones that your friends put up? I don't think you'll get much sympathy on this forum. I think most HP residents would take an obnoxious light over a giant billboard. Kinda sucks when the shoes on the other foot doesn't it?

@Perry...I will agree with you on some points. There seems to be on onslaught of congestion in the area. Between Boeing employees getting out, school dismissals in the area, and god forbid you run into a train along the way...a commute to the high school and back can take 20 minutes or more sometimes. My point about your situation is that your issue lies with Ridley Township even though you reside in Ridley Park.  PF is township. My point of comparing it to the billboard is, these are our own borough officials and "extras" that did this to it's own residents. HP is not separate from the rest of Ridley Park. It's a termed used to describe a certain area of Ridley Park, not unlike people stating they live over by ABC field or the lake area.


It truly is sad when new development is seen as "poorly planned...an eyesore," and a negative impact on the quality of life in our Town.  There are better ways to resolve storm-water management issues, improve water quality through better landscaping, and save money by implementing green strategies and conservation. 

My point is, we need to see to it that our RP Comprehensive Plan is up to date and state of the Art regarding best management practices.  Attention to detail is crucial, and the process should not be rushed, brushed aside, or hidden.  Let's see a Plan for the future that does justice to concerns such as you (and others) have expressed.

Yep, do you know how many times I'll get a phone call from my student at the high school.."where are you?" Well, "stuck in traffic" is always the running answer. I am equally concerned about the over development of that area but equally concerned and depressed over our own RP business district. Truth be told, RP would only hope to have that kind of foot/car traffic. I don't know, in my opinion, the RP stores seem a sad place to be. The stores are need of repair, it needs a good cleaning and some updating maybe colorful hanging baskets on the light poles, buckets of flowers on the sidewalks, something.  I also agree about PF....not the best color scheme. I go to bank up there and that's it.

I'm still surfing for details on the annual Ridley Park Business Association Easter Egg Hunt. There's nothing listed on the Borough's web site and no one's posted the event on RPOL - is the egg hunt still happening?  I've come across advertised egg hunts in Media, an ‘Eggstravaganza’ in Wallingford, and ones in Bethel Township, Ridley Township, Norwood, Drexel Hill, Marple and one at the Ridley Park United Methodist Church, but none in downtown Ridley Park by our business association. 


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