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I was incredibly frustrated when I arrived at the Ridley Park Lake this afternoon and saw that the park resembled a wasteland. Apparently many of the residents who enjoyed the July 5th Car Show and Fireworks events neglected to clean up after themselves; the borough also displayed a lack of responsibility by failing to have a cleanup crew there the next day because of “limited man power.” I spent the afternoon picking up leftover snacks, empty beer bottles, cigarette wrappers and even a dirty diaper (thanks to the kind gentleman there that helped). It’s
disappointing that so few people seem to care about the beauty of our park.

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@Stefan,  Thank you for your efforts.  Many of us do care very much about the condition of our Parks. 

It is frustrating to see how low the standard of public beauty has fallen.  Some people just don't know any better.  But then, they should not be the decision makers, pose as, or be paid to be, "caretakers." 

Ridley Park once again the victim of rogue Gypsies.

Thank you.

It isn't just RP residents who enjoy those events; we get a lot of people from other towns.  I see them parking all over the place.  Probably from towns that don't have their own fireworks, or who do but on the exact date of July 4 so they enjoy the fireworks in their own town, then come over here & enjoy ours.


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