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Hello All,

I'm new to Ridley Park (really new, like I've been here for just over a week new), and I live a block away from a beautiful, old abandoned (I think) mansion - 100 N. Swarthmore to be exact. I read some threads on here about it, but these were posted well over 2 plus years ago. Can anyone tell me what's the deal with this place currently? I am fascinated by old properties, especially abandoned ones and I would love to learn more about its history. Now that I'm a Ridley Parker, I want to be more involved with this community.


Thanks a bunch

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This property is considered historic & is now protected from being torn down.  Also the current owner won't put the property up for sale.   The good news is the taxes are paid up to date.  There are non-profit groups who will buy properties so they can fix them up for veterans to live in.  I think this use for the property would be excellent.  Anybody else have any other opinions or ideas to improve "OUR" town.

Well, I'm glad it's at least protected from being torn down. It's quite mysteriously beautiful. There are a grocery list of ideas that this building can be used for. Though it's unlikely from my understanding, it is still fun to fantasize about this place being renovated and put to good use. It can be a beautiful private residence, luxury apartments, youth/community center, art center offering different classes, local government offices, bed and breakfast, international student housing for local colleges (Swarthmore, Widener), etc.


Wouldn't it be nice?

The last thing Ridley Park needs in the historic district are more apartments. It kills me to see all these beautiful Victorians ruined.

Right on!

As far as I know, it's still a Pakilidis property. That man has single-handedly ruined more big, historic stone houses in Ridley Park than is believable.  I don't know how this came about but I get the impression that he ran around buying up a bunch of those stone mansions then ended up over his head.  When he dies, there will be a big mess in the hands of whoever ends up owning them (his wife died some years back).


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