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Hello Folks! Just a reminder that the RP Borough Meeting is Tuesday, July 19 at 7:00 PM. Council will be voting to fill the Council position vacated by Holly O'Mahoney. You may want to see this with your own eyes.

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I thought they already did replace her with Mattus.

Just smh over this group!

Outrageous. Council ignored the voters wishes as expressed last.november

The appointment of Jim Glenn was set in stone before it was voted on by Council. You could say the Council Majority would of appointed Jim Glenn's picture if he wasn't available, and they would of propped up the Mayor with a stick if he couldn't stand on his own. 

The daughter of the Chairman of the Ridley Park Republican committee resigned from her post after the election two months ago. Why would the residents believe they had a choice in July when "their opportunity to vote was in May." That was then and this is now. AS for the runners-up in an election; PA law doesn't see it like the Miss America Pagent where the next runner-up takes over in the event of a default.

So until residents have "their opportunity to vote" for members of Borough Council, we'll have a verified looser on Borough Council who was voted out of community service by the community. I like Jim Glenn, but then again I'm in the minority when it comes to how others cared for his arrogance and his mumbo jumbo dumbo routine. Sure he can't answer a question and sure he shares nothing of substance, however I felt he sounded competent telling the residents that they had no business knowing what Jimbo knows. Round and round on the budget the discussions went and the only person without answers was Jimbo - that's why the residents of Ridley Park voted Jimbo out of office...but now he's back.

Maybe this time around he'll be the Jim Glenn of his heart and conscience and become forthcoming Jim to the residents of Ridley Park. And maybe this time around Jimbo will stop being a puppet and he'll let us know the real Jim Glenn and what the real Jim Glenn is aware of. Residents discovered Jimbo's mumbo, jumbo dumbo routine once too many time and the community threw him out.  Now we can only hope that Jim Glenn has a new routine and that this time around he'll be a benefit.

Love this post Howard. But you can't teach and old dog new tricks. We are getting the same arrogant, pompous council member that was voted out by the residents last election. Glenn's appointment to council was set in stone and discussed by certain people long before O'Mahoney "officially" gave her resignation. My point to council was not so much that Maripat should have the position because she had more votes, as much as it was...Why Glenn? He was voted out of office by the residents. Clearly sending a signal that he wasn't wanted on council. Assuming there were other people who applied for the position, there had to be one candidate who was clearly qualified and well liked among the residents, not one that was voted out of office. What I can't seem to rap my head around is when Glenn was on council previously, he did so much back pedaling, giving incoherent "non answers" to questions, being evasive, having the attitude, "wouldn't you like to know". It was like a top spinning, going round and round. He seemed to make perfect sense to himself and other council members as they sat there and shook their heads in agreement to whatever Glenn was talking about. Meanwhile, people watching on tv or attending council mtgs are shaking their heads thinking to themselves, what did he just say? Did he even answer the question...he must have, he spoke for at least a few minutes. I do appreciate the open section comment when council members stated why they voted yes or no to Glenn's appt. Of course the ones that voted yes really didn't give a reasonable explanation why they voted that way. I thought the council members that voted NO for Glenn, gave very valid, legitimate reasons for their NO vote....those reasons being the budget that Glenn was part of and the fact that it keeps a certain party as the majority vote. Even more reason to get out on the next election and vote certain council members out. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Certain council members have their own agenda and to hell with the residents. When your own agenda takes priority over doing what's best for the borough and the residents....the exit sign is calling your name. I hope they enjoy this small victory, but it will be short lived until the next election.  We elected two great council members....Gale and Brennan at the last election. Add them with Dan Broadhurst and we have an awesome trio on council. Think of the great things RP could accomplish if we had a council that put the residents first.

  What would anyone expect from republicans on council and a mayor that should have resigned years ago?   It would be like expecting reason, logic, policy ideas or facts at the GOP convention.  Can't wait for tonight's circus. 


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