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I would just like to comment how transparent this meeting was.  There were some very good conversations and some very important points made. One moment however stuck with me. Andy asked a very important question and made a commentary about the Finance Committee and who makes up that committee. The Finance Committee is made up of council members from the same political affiliation. When Andy asked council if RP residents are better served by having a more balanced committee, some council members became "offended". My point is the Finance Committee is THE most important committee in the borough. Voters in RP sent a loud and very clear message last election...change was wanted and needed on borough council. I find it somewhat amusing that the same council members that were "offended" by the Andy's comments are of the same political affiliation, the very ones that sit on the committee. The official RP calendar does not truly reflect RP. It was "PAID FOR BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY". To top that, they didn't include any contact info on any other official who wasn't. Dan, Mike and Jared were left out of the calendar. I am offended that a calendar that represents the borough is so one sided. We are a town made up of Republicans and Democrats and others and the calendar surely doesn't represent that fact.  

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I agree that the political aspects of the "official" RP calendar are petty and uncalled for. Rather shameful, actually.

However I must say that the actual calendar itself is much better than the other RP calendar I received. It has more space devoted to the days, with all of the necessary information shown: "no trash pickup" days, borough meetings, etc. The other calendar has none of that sort of information and it has so many advertisements that some actual days aren't even visible!


That is not the official Ridley Park calendar -- there is not an "official" Ridley Park calendar.  One calendar was put out by the Republican Party the other calendar was put out by Ridley Park News. 

Parkermom, I was just going by how the original post above called it.


"The official RP calendar does not truly reflect RP. It was "PAID FOR BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY"."

Interesting question--is either "RP" calendar official?  As I recall several years ago, then Councilor Paul Mattus motioned that a new vendor be given the go ahead to publish the RP calendar, and Council voted and approved Paul's motion.  The calendar was to be printed by a New Jersey firm in exchange for selling advertising space and in the words of Mattus "at no cost to the Borough." 

Do I have it right so far? 

Then, in a way it was the Official RP Calendar which by now has become the RP Republican Party calendar. 

Still correct in my observations? 

OK, now I look in the front of the Republican Calendar and see Republicans promoted but no one else mentioned.  Fine, it is now the official Republican Party Calendar.  I don't have a problem with discovering that.  Then I see the names of the Republican Committee Persons. 

Fine, they promote their kind.  I notice "Shelley" Dalessio is actually Councilor Michelle Dalessio  also Committee person Michele (Michelle spelled two different ways) also her husband is Committee person and member of the Shade Tree Commission to which "Shelley" Michelle is also Council Liaison.  Mary Hopper is Committee person and also advertises as Sheriff Mary McFall Hopper who is also (judge?) of elections in the Borough.  What other familiar names do we see advertised in the official Republican calendar?  Know them, love them, they are the "best team for Ridley Park."  I know; I read it on the calendar.

If it were the official RP calendar, would it not be in order to see a financial report on the advertising revenue?

@Tim - I agree. There are crossovers in Ridley Park saturating deep into every committee level and into the Borough organization; that's what majority victors are entitled to do.  Obviously the residents that voted for these officials like that too.

With regards to the calendar, the Borough seems to have saved money by not printing and distributing a real "official Ridley Park Calendar" of it's own. For the money our Borough could have saved we lost in respect with a calendar so petty and narrow that it failed validation. Then again, it's free?

The calendar business is a local quirk; like a church bulletin or a school play program.. It lets you see who are the faithful and the extorted...like grandparents who have to buy an advertisement in the school play.  You won't find advertising dollars from outside the ring of importance, it's all local money squeezed from local businesses. The trouble is you can't imagine someone in Prospect Park, Eddystone or Ridley Township using this calendar while you can imagine them utilizing the calendar's advertisers and this leaves advertisers with money outta their pockets in the name of small event advertising. Sometime or another advertisers are gonna get tired of putting out for Charlie Maurone's calendar and the Ridley Park Republican Calendar. Then again, they're both free, and it's local.

Forget about the calendar's content for accuracy, residents have the borough's calendar of events and RPOL's Event Calendar. It free, and it's local

@Howard,  The attitude of some people that local politics should be played like a competitive team sport is very damaging to our Democracy.  Even subconscious acceptance of that belief shows in your phrase "...majority victors are entitled to do."  Yes, precisely, those who would seek election to serve THEMSELVES and THE PARTY TEAM are the ones who don't deserve to be elected because they will NEVER SERVE US and the best interests of our people.

In the last election, the "opposition" actually won two out of three Council seats.  That makes them the majority of new Councilors, and that, we might take to mean, says our Community has had enough of selfish, self-serving, team drones. 

This discussion about the calendars should be taken as a valuable education about a vast difference separating Civil Service and Self Serve.

@tim: I agree again that "The attitude of some people that local politics should be played like a competitive team sport is very damaging to our Democracy.  I don't have any acceptance that "Majority victors are entitled to do what they want" however that's the truth of the democracy we live with. The problem is the actions that the victor's take.  In this instance the victors discounted everyone on their calendar that's not a republican - that's fair. However masking as an official Borough calendar and eliminating everyone who's not on your team = childish/  The childishness of it doesn't surprise me considering their current head and his animations.  Until there's a another leader who's more community minded than self-minded we'll have politics as usual and interests for the self-intereted.

@Howard,  Thanks for keeping the discussion valid.  Remember the movie about young boys who go off on a camping trip and one discussion they have is about what food they would choose if it was the only thing they could eat for the rest of their life.  One of the kids says, "no doubt about it, cherry flavored PEZ."

That's the kind of decision making you get from lack of maturity.  Fine for the eight year-old, but no way to run a government.

Over the years, and still today, I hear many people say "what happened to Ridley Park?  It just isn't as great a place as it was when I was growing up." The direction of change takes time to recognize; is it changing for the better or for worse.  It takes observation and time to tell.  Look at the beautiful historic photos of RP, study the original Landscape Plan of RP Suburban Town.  What is missing; what have we lost?  How do we protect the integrity, aesthetics and quality of life?  Just as they say "you can't fix stupid; you can't buy good taste, or quality decision making."

It is my understanding that when the RP calendar (the one printed in NJ) came out, the printer of the calendar went to the business' with a letter in hand, on RP Borough letterhead, signed by Mattus and Berger. That makes it "Offical " in the minds of many people. At the time the business' were agreeing to advertise in the calendar, did they realize that it was being Paid for by the Republican Party? Some patrons of their business might be bothered by that. Different party affliations, shop and do business with these business'. If council has been preaching "that we are a community", why leave out certain council members from the calendar? Ridley News doesn't do that. Not including ALL council members is a direct snub to the other council members and is a disservice to the community. Again, I go back to the election. RP residents want a fair and balanced council, a message that was sent loud and clear last election. Seems to me that a certain party is not inclusive of everyone and when that happens, the borough and the residents suffer. IMO the party didn't learn anything from this election.  They lost for many reasons...the billboard, transparency in govt, COP issues, BM issues, CE issues...etc. If this is how they choose to start off the new year, with a calendar that isn't inclusive, than we can only expect more of the same from them.


Virtually all of the ads are in the Ridley News calendar (which makes it pretty much unusable), not the Republican one.



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