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Hi there! I'm interested in adopting a family in need for the Christmas holiday. I was hoping that someone could point me in a direction. I've done some on-line searches but mostly I'm finding programs run either in Delaware or in Philly. I'd like to help a local organization. Can anyone help or even know a family in need that could benefit? 


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Hi Samantha, You could contact the Ridley School district they may be able to steer you in the right direction about some families in our area.
You might try PathWays PA in Holmes: (610) 543-5022. Each year over 6,000 women, children and families benefit from their services. Every year my place of employment sponsors a family for the holidays.

You might also want to contact the Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County in Media: 610-565-6272.

Do you know anyone that wants to adopt a family from Clifton Heights. I am trying to get some help for my son (7) for Christmas and I just keep hitting brick walls .. If you know of anyone ,, or  a real place that can help ,, please contact me,, thanks....



   Sorry to hear you're having some rough times. I did work with the PathWays PA group. Here's their website http://www.pathwayspa.org/adopt.html


I hope that helps. Let me know if you can't find something.



Thanks Sam for trying,, But they said they would only do it for the people that are in the program ,, Believe me I have tried and been shot down so many  times ,,, its unreal,, but for my little one I will not give ,, thanks again,, 


hi my name is scott. i was just granted custody of my 11 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter. they watched their mom progress thru heroine addiction and i want their first living wit me to be the best that i can make it. i am employed but wit all my bills im left with little. especially now i have two more mouths to feed and cloth. please call me at 610-679-0970 if you are interested in adopting my kids for the christmas. thankyou for your time in reading my message to you.



                                                                                                                              scott russell


I am interested in the same, adopting a family or at least helping out, have you any luck with your post?

thanks for your message. no i have had no luck with help for christmas. if you have any suggestions i would love to hear them. you can reach me at 610-679-0970 aft 2:30 pm. i'll be waiting to hear from you

Lisa and Scott- I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. Unfortunately, I have worked with several families this year (going back to Oct 2011) and cannot take on any additional families. I could help with some small stocking stuffers, etc but I'm very sad to say I can't afford to get "presents" for the kids.

In my experience, families going through tough times who don't get assistance with gifts, make a point of enjoying the day together instead of focusing on presents. Some ideas are to make homemade Christmas ornaments, picture frames (popsickle sticks), back cookies, watch Christmas movies. Or go to an ice rink for skating on 12/26.

Also, places like thrift stores and the Salvation army often have very affordable presents that are clean and functional. You could check out to see what's available. Also, check craigslist- this time of year, people often have toys/games they are trying to sell for a few bucks.

I wish all of you an incredibly merry and blessed Christmas. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!! Let's hope for a better 2012 for us all!! :)

bake cookies!! not back cookies.... eww! :)

hi samantha i was wondering if u are still interested in adopting a family for the holidays? i am aresident of ridley park currently living at stewart lane apartments. i have become friends with a fellow renter here and has fallen on bad times. she has a 3 yr old son and a 10 year old step daughter and they literally have no  money to buy these kids a single prensent. if interested please respomd to my email or my cell number is 267-693-5973. i will be looking forward to hearing from u either way. thank u   dawn worrell

I am in desperate need of a family thar is willing to help me and my family for the holidays. I have 5 kids and 3 grandchildren who would love to finally have a good Holiday together. My husband past away 10 years ago and the holidays have never been the same since. Every day I struggle to make ends meet and keep a roof over their head and try my hardest to kerp food on the table any help would be helpful email me back at kathryn061692@gmail.com thank you


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