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I've noticed that the new billboard, after all the sturm & drang over its installation, doesn't seem very effective.  The other day I watched it as we were approaching the exit for RP.  There were four announcements: two were for Lamar themselves, one was a PSA about texting and driving, the fourth was about our own farmers' market (did we pay for that?).  I wonder if it's even worthwhile to Lamar.  How can they be making any money on it?

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When I'm traveling the speed limit and rounding the corner on I-95 North over the rail tracks I'm concentrating more on the 4 lane highway, merging traffic from I-476, and the near 30 degree bend in the highway, than I am on an LCD billboard.  At that point in the roadway I'm more interested in safety and less interested in reading the billboard in the far distance. 

The fact that the sign comes into my face during a treacherous section of the roadway is what keeps my eyes on the roadway and not on the sign.  When it does come into view, I'm in the right lane of traffic that's exiting at exit 8, and I can't see the advertisement;  the whole sign is higher than my line of sight view and I have to crane my neck downward to see it. The height also eliminates the ability of older eyes like mine to read the advertisement - to me, this roadway sign's ability to advertise is minimal - the impact of the billboard on the other hand is enormous.  I wonder how the revenues are coming in and who's signing up as the advertisers? I've seen adverts for RP's Main Streets Farmer's Market and Mascaro and Son's Trash removal.

One of the AAA baseball teams advertises on it too.

I was a passenger!  But I do see your point, its placement isn't the best.


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