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I was waking to the Sunoco station this morning to get my car and passed by the old hardware store. It's a dump. Why don't the owners clean up the trash, old vehicles and debris. There is trash everywhere. Being either the first or the last thing you see when passing through the borough, it will not leave anyone with a good impression.

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I've been asking myself that question for about 20 years, ever since it closed.  I made one effort to improve the spot but was told to stop.... so it continues to look awful.  It's a shame.

I likewise was saddened to learn that Daisy's Delights is closing.  I went into the new store where Blockbuster's used to be & it was really pricey.  Costa's is just a disgrace; the guy who owned that business just abandoned it, leaving the greeting cards & everything in place.  I wouldn't be surprised if the drugs are still behind the counter.  Who owns that building?  Why hasn't someone gone in there & cleaned it out?


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