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Our forum consists of three parts:, topic, reply, and category. A Topic (also called thread) is a collection of replies (also called posts) inside each topic. Similar topics are grouped together into categories.

A thread (also called a topic) is a collection of posts (also called comments or replies) displayed from oldest to latest. Each thread's defined by a title and an original post (OP) which opens the dialogue. From there, the thread can contain any number of posts, including multiple posts from the same members, even if they are one after the other. We measure a thread's popularity by the total number of reply counts.

A post is a user submitted reply that shows the user's details and the date and time their message was submitted. The first post starts the thread; this is called the TS (thread starter) or OP (original post). Posts that follow appear as boxes, one after another, in the thread, and are meant to continue the discussion about that post, or respond to other replies. It is not uncommon for discussions to be sidetracked. The TS has the option to moderate/restrict the comments, or let the discussion follow an alternative path. When a member posts in a thread, the thread jumps to the top as the latest updated thread.

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Is there anyway to set ones own defaults with regard to post sorts within threads? E.g., common forum software allows users to determine whether to order threads by "oldest first" or newest first". Here at RPOL it changes all the time! IOW, I'll read a thread and it is ordered with the oldest post on top and then progress down through newer posts. Then I'll come back to it later and it is backwards - newer posts first. Also,most forum software allows me to set how many posts per page, so that on longer threads I can just read and scroll, rather than having to keep clicking to go through many short pages of posts. Any way to allow users to configure their own settings like this?



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