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I'm curious as to who is responsible for the maintenance of the foot bridge that goes over the railroad track connecting the neighborhoods near Chester Pike and the Elementary School...

With school starting next week, I walked over to see if the classroom lists were up yet. When I got to the bridge, I noticed that there are some boards where the screws or nails holding them down are no longer doing their job. At one end of the bridge right before the steps, one of these boards is an obvious tripping hazard. There are also several boards on the main section of the bridge where the nails/screws are loose. One board looks like it's being held in place by a single screw.

I'm also wondering who's responsible for maintaining the path along the sidewalk on the Lakeview side. Half of the sidewalk is covered with weeds, and the stops going up the bridge have a lot of weeds and vines on them as well.

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Here are some pics of what I'm talking about.


Big thanks to I'm assuming the owners on either side of the sidewalk going from the footbridge to the road on the Lakeview side!!! I noticed that all of the weeds were gone, providing a clean walkway for the kids. It would be nice to now see the boards on the bridge get some attention.


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