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I'd like to know more about Flood Plain Field. That's what the little league field behind the Middle School is being called.

I'd like to have more information about our Borough's decision to make an investment of more than $47,000.00 (forty seven thousand dollars) to replace a little league field in a flood plain. I'm sure there are answers and information I can understand and I would like to know more about this project.

At the March Council meeting, Derryl Mills Excavating was awarded a contract to replace the little league field.  Their bid was accepted for $47,175.00.

At the same meeting a second contact was awarded to Darryl Mills Excavating  for the replacement of the gabion wall that has fallen into the creek.  Their bid was accepted for $8,972.00

The purpose of this discussion is to understand why an investment in a flood plain was so necessary? Why the decision came simultaneously with a real estate tax increase? And how will our investment be protected from washing away?

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Is the president of the Athletic Club and the Borough Council president the same person?


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