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This hydrant, located on Crum Lynne Road in Ridley Park has apparently been redecorated.  While hydrant painting seems to be a new national trend, it is a hazard to public safety.

Hydrants are not meant to be pretty, they’re meant for use in emergencies. Arrival at a fire is controlled chaos, with multiple trucks coming from multiple directions.  When the order comes in to “lay in” from this particular hydrant, the driver will be looking for a bright, reflective silver hydrant, since that is the area standard.  This may be during the day or night (when the reflective paint becomes even more important).  Would you want the truck to drive past the hydrant if your house was on fire?

Did you know?

Hydrants are owned by Aqua Water Company. (The borough rents each hydrant and can be charged for any water use.) If you paint a hydrant this way, you’re defacing the water company’s property.

The colors on a hydrant actually mean something. Look around the borough. See the hydrants with blue caps on the sides? They tell us what kind of hose connection we need to use. This hydrant now has green caps, which tell us nothing.

Hydrants have had to be replaced in other areas when the decorative paint has affected the threadings on the caps. The cost of this is passed onto the taxpayers.

Ned Donkin



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