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 I was wondering whether someone could help me find some information on a relative of mine. His name was Albert Harold Carr and was a Pastor at in Ridley Park Baptist Church from 1925 to 1929 and was also a teacher at R P High School. He died in August 1929 whilst visiting his parents in Ontario, Canada . He had three children with his wife Sadie Adele. Their names were Catherine Adela Carr ,Ruth E and Paul. Thanks for reading this 

Stephen Cooper



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Greetings from Ridley Park. Since you haven't had an answer here, may I suggest you contact the Delaware County Historical Society . My mother is a volunteer there, and I know for a fact that they would be able to help you find more information, especially as this man was a pastor locally. The Canadian portion of his life they might not be able to assist with.
They can be reached at www.delcohistory.com; if you click on the Contact Us button you will see a form to fill out.
Also by mail:
Delaware Country Historical Society
408 Avenue of the States
Chester, PA 19013 Telephone is 610-872-0502

Good luck to you!

Thank you for welcome and your suggestion. I will try the Historical society. I will add ,just In case someone reads this, that Sadie his wife was still in Ridley Park at the time of the1930 census . She ,like Albert, was a teacher at Ridley Park High school. Thanks again



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