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Hi Everyone - I was looking at the borough website to see if there was anything about bulk trash removal, but the only thing I see is about recycling and household waste.

Does anybody know if there is a certain day that something like an old dishwasher could be picked up? Is that even possible?



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I was told that for a fee of $25.00, you get a yellow sticker to put on the dishwasher or whatever and place the item at the curb on the second trash p/u for your district, either Thursday or Friday.

Sorry, forgot the details, it's been so long.  I do know from talking to Samantha Snow that the contract did change and they no longer p/u the day after a holiday.  She said that some of the workers took a while to catch on that they weren't supposed to be picking up, which is why sometimes they did p/u anyway.  I know who you're talking about; a trash-picker comes through our area too.  Since it's at the curb, it's fair game and bless the guy if he can make use out of it.

Thanks, Linda. Thanks, Michael. I had also considered just sticking it outside early one night, knowing that it would only last about 20 minutes before the pickup trucks come through.

@MJ..First call the trash company, tell them what you have, and he will tell you to put it on the curb and will be picked up. But before that, put it out the nite before, and trust me, it will be gone in the morning. And if nobody picks it up, the trash guys will.

Success. As suspected, it didn't make it until this morning. :-)  


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