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Eyewitness report: large trees in the form of marketable lumber and firewood being hauled away from Borough property. Attached are photos taken on June 26, 2016 near the Lake in Eastlake Park. This is just one recent example of Borough Resources harvested and awaiting removal from the Borough. I have emphasized in the photos the solid Oak log which had been left in a marketable length of 18 feet. Who is harvesting our timber? Who is benefiting and profiting from these actions? Since these photos were taken last June, many more trees have been removed from our Public lands. Who is minding the store?

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When I moved into the borough ten years ago, firewood, from fallen trees, was readily available at the highway dept. parking lot. Why not anymore?

Greg,  How about an answer to the question "who benefitted from the more than a dozen mature trees harvested from Eastlake Park a few years ago?"

I I think most people would assume they were part of the tree removal deal. 

Greg,  Do you mean that you "assume" the public property was sold off?


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