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To the young lady that told Jeanne Frantz last night leaving the meeting, Quote.."I hope you fall down the steps and die." You are a sick person to say that to any human being. If anyone deserves and apology it is Jeannie. She has worked very hard for this borough, and if you would have come to Council meeting before this Hetzel problem, you would know what kind of lady she is.

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Sorry to hear that this happened but our Borough has developed a reputation for bullying woman. We've certainly seen this week how Ridley Parkers can throw a party and how they can go off their gourd with anger.  But remember, we're in the same neighborhood that terrorized and harassed past Borough Manager Terry Bradley and we're the same neighborhood that has a history of physically intimidating female Council Members. 

When Jeanne Frantz, Linda Smith, Doris Lamb, and Terry Bradley were around these woman faced systematic, sustained, harassment at their homes. They received harrassing phone calls in the middle of the night, feces thrown at their homes, and dead animals and a pipe delivered to their driveway. I have to imagine CM Murtha has a few stories of her own as well.

Our Borough paid-out cash to Terry Bradley rather than face her harassment suit. Everybody knows who was involved.  And it's likely that the same person responsible for terrorizing her with inappropriate phone calls in the middle of the night was also one of the same cast of usual characters milling in the hallway that night as Jeanne left Borough Hall.

There's a huge political chasm in this town and a politics of "Win all - Take all" is the acceptable norm.  The wranglings we're witnessing between Council Members Murtha & Brennan versus Bob Berger's administration are a tiny slice of the political pie that our local government is cooking up.

Situations can only change when the people behind them change, or when the people behind them are voted out of office. Maybe the residents in Ridley Park will turn out an vote on November 5 and make our neighbors their first priority. Maybe then we can have some political leaders working with their own minds. And then maybe we can get back to the basics of our local government working for the people.

To Parkergirl...That is the God's honest truth. Jeanne went to the podium and told everyone about her vote when she was on Council, and I give her so much credit for telling the people she didn't vote for the Billboard. Well coming out of the room, a HP girl was yelling at Jeanne and Jeannie again told her again she didn't vote for it. That didn't satisfy the girl, so she was yelling to her "I hope you fall down the steps and die". I almost went back to smack her, but I knew I would probably wined up in jail. Her face I won't forget and   I will probably say something to her when I see her again. If she reads RPOL she will know who she is. That remark was totally uncalled for. All I can say is people have to come out Nov 6th and VOTE these people out. Bob Berger can't answer a Yes or No answer, and if the solicitor wasn't there  at the meeting, Bob wouldn't know what to do. So let's get them out of here for good. If not the town will go bankrupt, taxs will sky rocket,  people will leave this beautiful town, and others will move in and the town will go down hill.

Sandy and all-  yes please do come out to vote -- Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 5.


There are four seats up- a majority. If the endorsed Republican candidates for council keep even one  of their seat they will still have a majority  and will control borough government.  Please tell everyone you know to come out to vote

Nina, and all,

Voting this November will not be so simple as pulling a lever marked "D" or "R." And the stakes are huge.

A neighbor was incredulous when I mentioned that Republican Bob Berger attempted in the Spring Primary Election to have his name also appear on the Democratic Ticket.  Can you shed light on this peculiar situation?

There are two experienced Councilors (Independent Republicans?) who were bumped from running as "Endorsed Republican Candidates." And yet they (Brennan and Murtha) have added much more substance to recent Council Sessions than any of the other sitting Councilors.

I'm looking at no less than ten (10) candidates--D's, R's, and Independents(?) for the upcoming four Council seats...  and two for Mayor... 


Tim and all-

    Hope I can clear up the confusion.  The  primary election in May determined which of the candidates would be on the final ballot on Nov. 5.  On the Dem side, we now have 5 candidates endorsed by the RP Democratic committee: Jeanne Frantz, Dan Broadhurst, Dan Pierro & Nina Walls for council with Ken Harper for Mayor. The Repub. attempt to write in their candidates  on the Dem ballot failed.

On the Repub side, the independent Repub candidates Jared Brennan and Sue Murtha got fewer votes than the candidates endorsed by Mr. Boland and the RP Repub. committee.  So Jared and Sue will not be on the ballot in November. I agree, we will miss their strong voices on council


Thanks for the clarification.  It is a fine distinction to be sure, but I would like to understand why a Councilor who had the (in this case Republican) Party endorsement to run for re-election would also try to get on the other Party's ballot.  I think the result would be to confuse the voter.  Here is my question:  if a few registered Democrats happened to write in a Republican name in the Spring Primary because they sincerely believed in the qualifications of that Republican Candidate, so be it.  However, if there is a significant number of (what would under normal conditions be) "throw away" votes, it begins to appear that an organized attempt to "highjack" the Democratic ticket was taking place.

Either way, it is somewhat a moot point--except that in my mind a Party Hopper is a turncoat to his own Party with motives that should be suspect.   And RP has been subjected to the worst aspects of the "bi-partisan" conception of Council in recent years by (as Howard recently mentions) the political attitude "winner take all."  How about a true Non-Partisan approach to representing our best interests with the election of the most experienced, intelligent, dedicated and far-sighted individuals willing to serve US with a more secure and better future!


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