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What are the Republican chairperson and these two important Borough employees doing at the Stargate Diner next to the Ridley Park Police Station?

Paperwork was shuffled back and forth between the diners.

The Stargate Diner "tabs" appear on the Republican Financial Report for 2013. 

The whole report can be viewed at the Board of Election at the Media Courthouse.

Where else is borough "business" being conducted at in the borough besides the diner? Very worrisome to me. 

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I guess he gave up throwing chairs at people !!


I saw the report you posted and it prompted me to do my own homework.  It seems to me that you are grasping at straws trying to make the facts fit your fantasy, but the fact is they are only a continuation of your misguided attempts to distract and mislead  the residents of Ridley Park once again.

I will agree with you that the financial report very clearly shows where the Ridley Park Republican Party spends their money. However, what I found even more surprising is that Ridley Park First, an organized Political Action Committee that you, along with Dimitri Gianneas from Double Decker, Nina Walls, your friend Mr. Maurone’s wife, and Dan Broadhurst are  members of has failed to ever file a similar financial report telling the public where you received your money or how you spent it.

It is clear that in the last election that your PAC (Ridley Park First) spent quite a bit of money on things like signs and literature, and I also know a couple of the people that were paid by Mr. Maurone to deliver campaign literature throughout the election. For this task, they were paid a pretty significant amount of money. I don’t know exactly how much your organization spent, because you never filed the financial reports that would have provided transparency into these expenses and the donations you received.  By taking your actions at their face value, it is apparent that you did not find it necessary to file this report in accordance with the law, which is at best unsettling.

However, the whole picture became much clearer once I realized that the same group that is behind Ridley Park First is also the group responsible for orchestrating the activities in our borough that seem designed to pull the wool over residents’ eyes.  The actions and misdeeds of you and your friends have become a true embarrassment for our community, and they have only served to drag Ridley Park down.

So I must pose these questions to you Mrs. Zang, Mr. Maurone, Mr. Broadhurst and Mr. Gianneas:

Where did this money come from to pay people to deliver campaign materials? Where did the money come from to print the literature and signs? How much was spent during the election?

I look forward to your response. I know how much “importance” you place on openness and transparency in local politics.

Mrs. Kathy Zang,

How much exactly was spent on the large color campaign signs in addition to the heavy out lay of cash from Mr. Maurone for campaign workers? If you had filed a report I'd look for myself but I guess we have to take your word for it.

Good reply Parkergirl.  All facts & the truth, hard to find this at a Ridley Park council meeting.

What would be your point? The Republicans had plenty of signs too.

I would say it's more like removing blinders than pulling wool over anyone's eyes.

You look good in purple- concerned in hetzel. I wonder if your padding your expence report $75 for breakfast seems a lot . Maybe an audit should be considered ,

@Tom park, 

Take a look at Parkergirl's reply.  I think we have a resident here in Ridley Park who could get the gold medal in "CHAIRTHROWING".

But, Tom, since you participate on this site, you're counting yourself among the crazy people!

I'm not comfortable about this picture.  We need to have an ordinance forbidding paid borough employees from politicking.


You asked for it.  Here's a quote from PA law: "Section 1103(a) of the Ethics Act similarly generally prohibits the use of government staff, time, equipment, facilities or property for non-governmental purposes -- including business, personal or political purposes. Confidential Opinion, 05-001. See, e.g. Neff, Order 1498; Maduka, Order 1273, Heck, Order 1251, Holt, Order 1153 (business purposes); Moore, Order 1317, Meduka, Order 1277, Sullivan, Order 1245, Dividio, Order 1202 (personal purposes); Habay, Order 1313, Livingston, Order 1030, Rockefeller, Order 1004, Freind, Order 800 (political purposes)."  Note that it includes paid government staff and prohibits their use for political purposes.  I can't see any reason other than political for anyone to be talking to the head of the Republican party in RP.

Tom, you're getting tiresome with these attacks on people.  You are hiding behind a computer keyboard and anonymously engaging in personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with you. Argumentum ad hominem shouldn't enter into any sane discussion of the issues.  Tell us if you can why membership in any particular party invalidates the person's ideas.  Maybe they aren't well respected in your opinion but I doubt that you know anything about other people's opinions of them.  You sound like you are speaking for the residents of RP when in reality you aren't.  Have you done a survey and know everyone's opinions?  After this, I will no longer answer any of your postings since it is useless to try to have an intelligent discussion with you.  Note I did not say that you are not intelligent, only that your postings are not.  Are you a troll?


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