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The basketball courts at ABC Park are in bad shape. No backboards, and no nets. I took my nephew there twice over the past month and it was not even useable. If we let the parks get this bad, it becomes open season to others to do the same in the are. Let's keep Ridley clean and take care of our parks.

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  Agreed - there seems to be a opinion by the people in charge that the boro does not unwanted groups to play in the park.  This is unfair to the residents, and also reeks of discrimination.  At the same time the boro seems to condone people on my street (Park) keeping their homes slovenly and untidy.  Lets be consistent.  People have some respect for your neighborhood and your property.  

I don't know what block of Park you refer to but the borough doesn't give a rat's ass about curb appeal, because borough grounds could certainly use a good sprucing. Many of the sidewalks throughout the borough, including the pavement in front of borough hall, are an accident and lawsuit waiting to happen. But the borough will not insist homeowners make repairs until they sell their homes and are forced to succumb to the power craving of Bergermeister. And I scratch my head every time I walk by homes being sold that have x and o up and down the curb and pavement yet are never repaired even after the new owners take possession. The borough used to use a common sense practice when dealing with home inspections but now uses any and all means to charge fees to sell your home. Glenn told me after a meeting that the borough can hold you at gun point because they can. Can't do anything about it. So look to dig deep into your pockets. Oh, by the way, the borough is very specific as to who you can use to make the necessary repairs to sell your house. Business persons who may be state certified must also be borough certified. Now, that's funny. 

Unfortunately Matthew we have outside influences at work. That's my thought. Several months ago you had four

baskets in excellent condition. Kids and adults playing daily. At some point someone decided to be an ass an within days you have what you see. I don't blame the borough if their not in a rush to replace them. It's a shame. I'd like to put my bat to use for something other then hitting grounders to kids.

The name of our large Park between Barker and Park Streets is "Recreation Park."  It is a Borough Common Green Space for a variety of passive and active uses for RESIDENTS of the Borough.  The three dirt areas are referred to as A, B, and C baseball fields.  That is all they are good for. 

One day I happened to be behind a car load of young adults on MacDade boulevard who were ahead of me all the way to the Park.  I was on my way home; they were on their way to the basketball courts in Recreation Park.  A few months ago, and many times before that, brand new nets and backboards were put in the Park.  Large gangs of adults and big children played aggression ball and used loud, obscene language unsuitable and unwelcome in a residential neighborhood. Often there would be people pounding basketballs at two AM.  Each time the Borough puts up new equipment, it is soon demolished. 

There is also other vandalism in the Park.  How about the evidence of drug and alcohol use near the OUTHOUSE?  Shouldn't that nuisance be locked up after dark?  And the rusty boxes at A, B, C fields look hideous.  Strange that they and the WATER FAUCETS are kept locked up, but the OUTHOUSE is available day and night for booze parties and other activities we don't want to admit. I would expect that the OUTHOUSE would be kept secure or removed as it seems to attract undesirable persons or activities to our neighborhood. 

Just wondering:  does anyone think the Park is any less well maintained than our Lake?  How about the grotesque GIANT BILLBOARD in Hetzel Park?  Who is not doing a good job maintaining and setting a high standard for the Borough...I can't say...

Did you call the police?

  So non residents are not welcome?  The equipment put in by the boro is sub standard, as is there general maintenance of the park.  How many cops does RP boro have?  What exactly are they doing?  Are they patrolling the park?  What does the boro spend on the police dept. every year?  Is it well spent?

@Ken McCrae,  "(Borough Councilor Jim) Glenn told me after a meeting that the borough can hold you at gun point because they can." Don't know when he told you this, but I heard him say the same back when he was on Council before he was voted out by the people last November.  So the current Council put Jim Glenn back on Council and I guess we can take it as a sign that the current Council, or at least the majority, AGREE and support the approach also stated by Council President Berger that "we can now move on these properties" and raise lots of funds through (sometimes petty, capricious) code enforcement...


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